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A reflection on individuality and healing with author Rolly Soliven

It happens to the best of us even the ones with the brightest of lives – we all hit a point where life breaks us a little and we search for guidance and for answers. It’s a normal part of life, part of seasons that turn, and what is needed in us to make it to the next season of our lives. No matter what our stature in life, we are all on a journey towards self-awareness that leads to wholeness.

This is the reason why author and certified Life Coach, Rolly Soliven, wrote the book “Me, Myself, and I: A Reflection on Individuality and Healing.” With an AB Philosophy Degree and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education from the University of the Philippines and a completed ministerial training from New Life Training Center, Rolly has years of experience in counseling people, hearing their stories, and coaching them into the lives they have always wanted.

Rolly reflects, “This book is for anyone who wishes to undergo a self-awareness assessment, experience emotional healing, and hopefully find a clearer pathway based on one’s unique situation.”

He shares that the book is reflective of his own journey, “Coming from a colorful background as a result of a broken family, I realized I needed change in all aspects of my life. Back then it was taboo to approach a mental health practitioner however I had to make drastic choices for change to take place.” He then spent hours studying behavioral sciences blending it with God’s Word and that was when he realized that God had a purpose and a plan for his life. And while he knows that he couldn’t undo mistakes of the past – he can be free from it and not allow it to hinder what God has planned for him, “I am empowered to do whatever He has called me to do – regardless of my past and my past choices.”

Rolly believes that what he has learned can help propel others forward, “I believe that anybody in their purposive, deliberate, and goal-oriented frame of mind wants to be the best person they can be in light of their abilities, interests, training, personality, individuality, or disposition in life. There are times when people are lost and do not know where to begin but hopefully this book will provide guidance and direction to those who might need it.”

His book focuses on self-development and wellness, “Simply put, it is working towards optimal health and well-being by integrating mind, body, and spirit.” It is a book that is described by the Dean of Labor and Industrial Relations of the University of the Philippines describes as, “The value of this book is timeless. Everyone can benefit from this book and I personally recommend this as it celebrates life, inspires people, and encourages us to move forward. Life is beautiful and our journey towards a better self may well start by reading this book.”

She also notes that Rolly is “a unique person to fully understand the essence of life having been both a ministry worker and a scholar in guidance and counseling.”

To know more about Rolly and his work, you may visit his Facebook page, Positive Regard Counseling Services.

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