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One successful episode after another

Network executive Jude Turcuato presides over a new age of content for Fox Philippines

Accepting a bigger challenge is not new to Jude Turcuato, a familiar face in both sports and TV circles whose main arsenal lies in performing a top executive job.

Nine years ago, he took the opportunity to work for Fox International Channels Asia, he actually let go of a managerial post for another company where he was comfortably managing a big team that could somehow form three basketball teams.

“When I took this job at Fox, I was employee number one and I worked in my house. In my previous work I used to have 40 people under me. From 40, I became one,” quipped Turcuato who is now hailed as a man who has been part of many milestones at FIC Asia.

He took the job as the country’s territory head because he knew Fox’s potential. In six months’ time since getting on board, the first National Geographic Earth Day Run began sprinting. Exactly today, around 15,000 runners or appropriately dubbed “eco warriors” are expected to join the 9th edition of the annual event, each one obviously aware that there is such a thing called Earth Day and that it won’t hurt to care for Mother Nature. It’s the kind of positive mindset this broadcast communication master holder from Ateneo de Manila delivers with calculated stroke.

Evolution solution

Turcuato now has a team even bigger than the one he used to have, serving as a hands-on, always-around figurehead to people presiding over the network’s thriving brands. Fox Asia tapped him particularly to “strengthen its channel offerings in the Philippines.”

The fact he is about to reach his decade of service to the company while the network continues to boost its ratings and relevance meant he is carrying his duty right on the mark.

He shared, “We are in the business of content making and distribution and the main challenge is to address the changing behavior of the people who watch and consume them. I can say that revenue-wise it’s really healthy for Fox as we always try to evolve and adjust to keep up with the times.”

A management science graduate from the Northwestern University in USA, this eloquent gentleman spearheaded the launch of Fox and Fox Filipino channels including the subsequent re-branding of Star World, and the creation of local productions that in many ways, “provided an innovative and compelling mix of content for viewers across Asia.”

He explained, “In general challenge is good because you don’t want triumph to be that easy. Being in this business requires a lot of retooling and rethinking for the future because every year there are different challenges to deal with. It’s really about how to reinvent ourselves and deliver in a relevant and better way for our customers.”

Making a difference

Fox recently launched an app called Fox+ that carries numerous TV series and movies, along with sports and environmentally conscious contents — all for taking customers into the evolution of having entertainment and information on-the-go. A first-rate cooking show and the Asian version of The Apprentice are also coming out within the next months.

Pushing the envelope further, the network, according to the man who finished an executive course at Harvard Business School, is now producing a full-length movie with a Filipino cast and under the helm of a Filipino director. It is slated for release at the end of the year.

Referring to his relatively 24-hour job, he noted, “You need to have your passion and character in everything you do. What drives me as a general manager is the fulfillment of producing innovative projects that make a difference.”

“We create awareness by letting the people know there’s an Earth Day. To have those boats built and trees planted are good after-effects. But the main idea there is to urge people to care about the planet.”

New media brainchild

Prior to FIC, Turcuato was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Solar Entertainment’s TV Sports Networks where, as part of his accomplishments, he launched the world’s first 24-hour basketball channel. Most televiewers are likely to recall him for the expression “Kaboom” which he himself popularized as a basketball anchor.

He also served as producer for ABS-CBN and brand manager for San Miguel Corporation. Early in his career, he was among the first new media experts, helping Pinoyexchange.com became the largest online community in the Philippines.

Turcuato’s parting shot revealed more of his core. “I go back to the whole idea of fulfillment. What motivates you and what it is about your job that will make you wake up each day excited? Focus on this. And when the opportunity comes, your passion inside will know what’s going to fulfill you in getting the job done,” he ensured.

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