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Lomachenko vs Garcia is the fight

At this point, I would advise boxing fans to just forget about the heavyweight division producing real fights.

Although the heavyweight division, supposedly boxing’s premiere division, is stacked with tremendous talent, they big guys there seem hesitant to mix it up. Maybe the managers of the heavyweight’s top dogs want to make as much money from their wards than risking them in real fights.

Also, the pugilists in the lower divisions also has vast talent for producing real fights, and one of them is Vasyl Lomachenko vs Mikey Garcia. Garcia even said recently he would like to fight Lomachenko in the future.

Bob Arum also said this week that negotiations for Lomachenko vs Garcia will be like Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. that took years to conclude but ended up as the richest fight in the sport’s history.

So let me join the boxing world’s chorus to get those two top fighters in the ring.

Lomachenko may need no introduction to some fans because he has left a trail of destruction over top fighters like Nicholas Walters and Guillermo Rigondeaux, who were both undefeated when they faced the Russian fighter.

He captured the World Boxing Organization world featherweight (126 pounds) title in only his third fight, which might surprise fight fans who are not familiar with his amateur background. Lomachenko’s amateur record was 396-1 and he was a two-time Olympic and world amateur champion.

Lomachenko’s record is 11-1 with 9 KOs, with his latest win registered over the weekend over Jorge Linares via knockout to collar the World Boxing Association world lightweight (130 pounds) title. The Russian is also the WBO junior lightweight (130 pounds) champion, and The Ring world champion at lightweight. So Lomachenko already won titles in three weight divisions.

Lomachenko is also ranked at No. 2 in The Ring pound-for-pound list behind world middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin.

Garcia, for his part, has collared championships in four weight divisions, but recently gave up the world titles at junior welterweight (140 pounds) to concentrate at lightweight, where he is the World Boxing Council world champion.

His record is 38-0 with 30 KOs.

The most notable opponent Garcia has beaten was Adrien Broner, once a promising contender and self-proclaimed heir apparent to Mayweather.

Garcia is also ranked at No. 2 by The Ring in its lightweight list and No. 5 in its pound-for-pound ranking.

Looking at the credentials of both fighters, this is a real fight to watch out.

Arum looks somehow determined to get the Lomachenko-Garcia fight off the ground, and his indicating the negotiations would be similar to Pacquioa-Mayweather show there is a lot of work to do, and lots of money involved.

I hate to make predictions on who would possibly win in the fight, but one thing is for sure —expect both an explosive and technical fight, because both have power in their hands and have very good skills.

The possibility that Lomachenko and Garcia will fight sooner or later is bad news for the heavyweight division, because that will also show that boxing’s small guys can take away the limelight from the sport’s premiere division.

Of course, Pacquiao and Mayweather should also be credited for making the heavyweight division lose its glitter when they were at their peaks.

So can the heavyweights still steal the thunder from boxing’s small guys? Not a chance, with Lomachenko-Garcia looming in the horizon.

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