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This is not a photograph of me

After Margaret Atwood

July was the month it was taken.

One would mistake it

as a picture

of me: my corpse, blood

on my shorts and bare torso;

and you will see,

on the upper side

a thing that is like a shoe: part of the boot

of a man standing by my side

and, to its left, my own

feet, one sandal


In the foreground there is a puddle

of water, stagnant as a mirror.

(The photograph was taken

hours after I was shot.

The picture was of the other man,

whom you will see reflected

on the silent surface of the water.

You cannot be sure

how he looks like, nor

how huge he is,

but you don’t have to look

long enough to realize

he is bending over, shooting me

with his camera.)

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