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1 inmate remains at large after 4 escape from Red Deer Remand Centre

Central Alberta RCMP are searching for three inmates who escaped from the Red Deer Remand Centre Monday night.

Four men escaped from the provincial correctional centre located at 4720 49th St. in downtown Red Deer.

Police were notified shortly after midnight.

One of the inmates was caught early Tuesday morning and taken into custody, but three others remain at large.

Some construction work at the correctional centre meant several inmates, including the four men, were transferred to a less secure area in the facility, said Sgt. Ian Ihme Tuesday.

“Then during the night they were able to break a window and they escaped through the window of the prison,” he said.

One escapee cut himself and subsequently was caught, added Ihme.

A man outside the facility saw what was happening and contacted RCMP, he said.

Police have released photographs of the escapees who have been identified as Quinn Russel Peterson, 26, Dallas Albert Rain, 28, and Douglas Brian Power, 52.

“All three of them have some history of violence,” said Ihme.

A search for the men is ongoing. Officers in other parts of the province are checking addresses in areas where the inmates may have personal connections, he said.

Members of the public are being told to avoid any interaction with the escapees. Anyone with information on their whereabouts is asked to contact RCMP or Crime Stoppers.

Dallas Albert Rain was one of four men who escaped from the Red Deer Remand Centre. (RCMP )

RCMP say Quinn Peterson, along with three other men, escaped from the remand centre on Monday night. (RCMP)

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