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Get ready for tough mudder in the PH

On a typical Monday night, Tough Mudder Ambassadors and influencers may be seen training at the Obstacle Sports Factory, in Makati City. All of them are preparing for the upcoming Tough Mudder Philippines on July 21-22, 2018, which will be held at Portofino Amore, in Alabang. Some of those who have been seen training include Raymond Guttierez, Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muroaka, Eduardo Lara, Noel Agra, Christi McGarry, among others. Even Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach was seen training at Obstacle Sports Factory just recently.

Safe to say, these celebrities have started getting more interested in obstacle course racing (OCR), and Tough Mudder. Xian Lim, who has close to a million followers on instagram alone, has also shared his Tough Mudder experience in Scotland, on his social media platform.

Just a bit background, Tough Mudder, founded by Will Dean, started after he researched the wildest and most intense events on the planet. Will Dean developed the idea for Tough Mudder – a hardcore obstacle challenge that mixed physical strength with mental grit and teamwork – and entered it into the 2009 Harvard Business School business plan competition. Despite his obvious commitment to the concept, the professors judged it impossible that significant numbers would ever pay to do his event. The idea was relegated a semi-finalist – ultimately an appropriate start for a brand that wasn’t at all about beating the next person to the finish prize.

With more than 3 million participants to date across five continents, Tough Mudder now mounts events in different parts of the world, Europe, USA, and Australia included. Tough Mudder also has offerings ranging from accessible yet rewarding challenges, such as the Tough Mudder 5K and Tough Mudder Half (five-mile event excluding fire, ice and electricity), to competitive events, such as Tough Mudder X (the toughest mile on the planet) and World’s Toughest Mudder (24-hour endurance event).

It will have its maiden event in the Philippines, and in South East Asia on July 21-22, at Portofino Amore in Alabang, along with its local partner, Proactive Sports Management.

This marks the first collaboration of Tough Mudder, Inc., and Proactive Sports Management, in terms of bringing the world’s leading obstacle course event, Tough Mudder, to the Philippines.

Proactive COO Justine Cordero says, “We encourage runners and obstacle runners to sign up and start training for the much-awaited Tough Mudder Weekend in the Philippines. We will bring Tough Mudder’s signature obstacle courses and this event will give you the same experience of participating in Tough Mudder events in other parts of the world. It is high time that we brought Tough Mudder to the Philippines, and we encourage runners and obstacle course runners, to take advantage of this event.”

It is interesting to look at the dynamics of obstacle course racing (OCR), which is still a new sport relatively, and to answer questions such as, ‘Why does it work?’, ‘Why have millions people signed up for it, in other parts of the world?’

What’s interesting is that, it is easy to get an impression that Tough Mudder is all about easing out the next participant, or it being an individual sport, which ironically, it is not. The whole Tough Mudder concept works, because it brings together people of various backgrounds and experiences. As much as it also establishes the values of teamwork and cooperation.

If I may use a theory in social psychology, it uses a bit of “syntality”, a term used by psychologist Cattell, that refers to the “togetherness of the group, and includes the dynamic, temperamental, and ability traits of the group…a group which is also analogous to the personality of the individual.”

The experience of going through the muddied obstacle course and the various challenges apparently bonds people together; it creates a bit of ‘syntality’, which makes the experience worthwhile, and perhaps would make you come back for more.

As the concept of syntality says, “A group is capable of responding as a whole to stimuli directed to its part.”

As Tough Mudder Philippines Brand Ambassador Xian Lim says after his Scotland experience, “Alone we can do little, but together we can do so much more. That’s what I learned here at Tough Mudder Scotland.”

There’s still time to prepare and sign up for Tough Mudder Philippines, and finally experience what the Tough Mudder experience is all about.

The author may be reached at char_cruz@yahoo.com. You may also follow her instagram at @charcruz8.

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