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‘Ensaymada’ as family symbol

If love languages are to be believed, our family’s language will be food.

Food became the solution to everything in life and provided comfort and joy no matter what the season of life.

One of my mom’s hobbies is hunting for the latest delights whether in bazaars (very huge in the early 2000s), the neighborhood mall, and today, the Internet.

An amazing thing she discovered in 2016 was a box filled with colorfully wrapped ensaymadas that came in different flavors (Nutella, Ube, Speculoos,Tablea, Peanut Butter, Chocnut and many more innovative flavors like her savory collection of Vigan Longanisa and even Sweet Ham, Bacon, and Majestic Ham) that instantly became the perfect Christmas gift and breakfast of choice.

Soon, her colorful balls of joy and goodness made by Baby Pat invaded social media that had a megastar following including actress Marian Rivera among others.

Behind Baby Pat is Pearl de Guzman, who grew up in the bakeshop of her mom, Patria Ramirez Macalindong who owned Pat’s Cakehouse in Cavite City in the ‘70s,

“My mom exposed me to baking different kinds of breads, cakes, and pastries. I have seen since childhood how Filipinos love ensaymada. People would line up at Pat’s Cakehouse for baked goodies but most especially Pat’s ube ensaymada,” the creative baker shared to Thought Junkie.

“I wanted to elevate the iconic Philippine brioche to new heights,” she said, explaining that she added her own personal touch using premium ingredients in recreating her mom’s famous ensaymada with a variety of flavors for today’s modern and global Filipinos.

“What I like with the ensaymada is its versatility as a pastry that I can recreate for today. My ensaymada recipe is different from the other ensaymada that you may have tasted. I have tried and tested my ensaymada recipe for many years in order to achieve the perfect dough I want — with buttery softness that melts in the mouth,” she furthered.

She revealed that she employs unique ways of baking to achieve efficiency, including room air conditioning to cool and control the moisture of the ensaymada, “The freshly baked ensaymadas you get to enjoy now are exclusively Baby Pat’s recipes and uses only the finest ingredients available.”

She also reflected how time has changed a Filipino classic.

“When some food cognoscenti liked my classic and ube ensaymadas they asked if I could also bake other flavors. Times have really changed, and so do people’s tastes and likes as they travel more and explore new food. So, I thought of creating and introducing a variety of flavors. Thus, the nutella, speculoos, latik, and tablea flavors came about. When my creation tastes and looks delightful and is liked by food cognoscenti, I launch it.”

Aside from this, Baby Pat is also special because of what it reminds her of and what it symbolizes — family.

“When I bake, I remember my mom, Mama Pat, as we fondly call her. She started it all in the ‘70s and I want to keep her in my memory and to continue baking with a passion for excellence is my way of keeping her alive in my life. Remembering her motherly love inspires me to continue her legacy. So after she passed away 10 years ago, I began my home-based bakeshop in Santa Rosa, Laguna where my family resides, and named my business Baby Pat after my mom and my two children, Patrick and Patrice.”

Pearl’s determination to uphold her mom’s legacy through a sheer passion for baking excellence is what made Baby Pat such a success both here and all over the world.

“To see those who patronize my baked creations happy and satisfied is what motivates me to continue baking,” she ended.

Get to know more about this amazing creation at My Baby Pat on Facebook.




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