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New Netflix K-drama has strong Filipino connection

April 15, 2019

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: What better way to catch the Filipinos’ attention than through their very hearts? And by now, entertainment streaming giant Netflix is already a master of that. For after launching #LoveOnNetflix in the Philippines to measure the nation’s “kilig-addict” level, the internet service is all set to premiere it’s very first Korean romantic-comedy original to thrill hopeless romantics here and around the world wide web.

In The Know is actually writing all the way from the kingdom of K-Drama to meet with the cast of “My First First Love.” We’ve been covering entertainment events here for some time now and it’s always an experience to see how our Koreans friends go all out in setting up themed events for launches and parties.

For My First First Love, they decorated the Conrad Seoul’s grand ballroom with giant glittery balloons and cherry blossom-slash-Netflix designed desserts. Romance was truly complete with little pink rice sacks with baby blue ribbons, which super fans out here sent their idols for good luck.

There were also giant teddy bears everywhere and a cozy home setup and backdrop to welcome Korea’s next big soap superstars Jisoo, Jung Chae-yeon and B1A4’s Jinuoung.

Jisoo (“Strong Girl Bong-soon”) plays lead character Tae-o, alongside Jung Chae-yeon (“Drinking Solo”) as his best friend of 20 years, Song-i. They form a very relatable and complicated love triangle with Do-hyeon, played by Jinyoung (“Love in the Moonlight,” “The Dude in Me”) as they go through the stages of hiding one’s feelings and experiencing true love for the first time.

Fresh faces in ‘My First First Love’s’ new love triangle. PHOTOS COURTESY OF NETFLIX

The “com” in this rom-com, meanwhile, is courtesy of Tae-o and Song-i’s housemates, namely Choi Ri (“Spirits’ Homecoming”) and Kang Tae-oh (“Fengshui”), played by Ga-rin and Hun respectively, to round up the fresh faces in Netflix’s next Korean Original Series after “Kingdom”.

The Korean streaming series cast, Jisoo, Jung Chae-yeon, Jinyoung, Choi Ri, Kang Tae-oh and director Oh Jin-seok

My First First Love will stream in 190 countries via Netflix so you can just imagine how big a platform and potential it is for the stars to go global. During our exclusive paired interview with Jisoo and Jinyoung, they told In the Know it took them a while to comprehend the gravitas of the starring in this Netflix original.

Jinyoung shared, “I knew about Netflix before starting this project. I watch it so often so I am very excited and I know Netflix is very different from other platforms so my expectation of fan reaction is very high.”

Another strength of these male heartthrobs is that they’re been to the Philippines more than once and are therefore very familiar with our tastes. Jisoo starred in an indie film in the Philippines before entitled “Seoul Mates” and even has regular fan meets with his Filipino supporters. That’s why he knows a good amount of sweet phrases like “mahal kita,” “kinikilig,” and believe it or not “kilikili!”

Meanwhile, Jinyoung is also a K-Pop idol and is known to compose great songs. He is a member of the K-Pop group B1A4 that has quite a big following in the Philippines with no less than superstar comedian Vice Ganda in the pack. Remember how Vice freaked out when Jinyoung gave a birthday video greet?

“It is nice to know Vice Ganda is a big fan. I greeted him on his birthday and I got a lot of messages from fans all over the Internet. It went viral,” the cutie related.

Watch out for this anticipated Korean series hit Netflix on April 18, with a a second season already on its way.

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