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The business of ‘fairness’

April 21, 2019

More than just whitening, Oxina Cosmetics is about helping women bring out their glow

There was a big to-do about the choice of ad material that was released recently by a company that specializes in whitening products. What many may not know about glutathione, the ingredient that many products use, is that it has many other health-related properties aside from the whitening effect.

According to Oxina Cosmetics Managing Director Maureen Estrada, glutathione that is taken orally or intravenously can help our body stay healthy and maintain optimum mental and physical function. “Not all the oral preparations are the same, though. Many use reduced glutathione. The emothion S-acetyl glutathione (emothion SAG), which we use in our NuWhite food supplement can help not only with whitening, but we have studies to show that it can help with anti-aging action, liver protection and detoxification, skin nourishing, and a healthy immune system because it has antioxidants.”

NuWhite S-acetyl glutathione capsule supplements

Their formulation is made from ingredients that are imported from Italy and manufactured locally into oral supplements that are meant to be taken daily to achieve results in 28 days. “Our product is an all-in-one beauty supplement because it also contains collagen, sodium ascorbate and vitamin E. It is three times more powerful than other glutathione supplements and our formulation is more easily absorbed into the body,” she adds.

The challenging part is that even with all the other benefits that glutathione has, the whitening effect is what the market looks for, she observes. “Which is why we focus on the inner beauty as well, as we believe that nourishing the inner beauty with our product that has an effective and easily-absorbed combination of nutrients helps their beauty emanate from within.”

Because of the huge demand for whitening products, there are many items that can be found in the market. Estrada, a nurse by training, cautions the buying public to choose their products carefully, as some do not work at all, while others may even have harmful effects on the health. “What they should look for is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. If the pro­duct passes FDA standards, it means that the product has undergone testing and that the ingredients that were used has passed safety standards.”

Estrada also says that buying something off the internet based only on testimonies can be very risky. “Look for the FDA approval, and also do your research about the manufacturing company, the ingredients used, and where they were sourced from,” she advises. At present, NuWhite is available on shopping sites such as Lazada and Shoppee, but they are planning to launch in major drugstore chains soon.

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