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Why it’s called a ‘power breakfast’

April 11, 2019

Metro dwellers particularly young urban professionals, always give the impression they’re always running after time. It is no wonder then that most urbanites often skip important habits to keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.

Take breakfast for example.

Said to be the most important meal of the day — until intermittent fasting came along — many experts continue to assert that breakfast promotes good health.

“It gives better memory and concentration, lowers levels of bad LDL cholesterol, and lowers chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight,” US health online publication WebMD noted.

Still according to WebMD, breakfast kick-starts the metabolic process, helps burn calories throughout the day and provides the energy to keep one can focused and fueled for their tasks throughout the day.

However, despite the generally accepted benefit of taking a good and hearty breakfast, this meal gets neglected often just so up and about young workers can have extra time to beat the infamous city traffic in the morning.

Delightful breakfast experience

While it may take some time to develop a healthy breakfast habit for someone so used to skip it, there are actually ways to encourage taking the most important meal of the day.

One tip is to create a delightful experience out of breakfast. If cooking at home is not an option, what with the need to be out of the door as soon as one gets up, eating at sunny breakfast places near the workplace is the way to go.

Salmon Belly

Croque Madame

Bacon Bagnet

The classic skinless longganisa , eggs and atchara

For 22-year-old homegrown restaurant chain Conti’s, delight means serving dishes in relaxed and quiet ambiance to set the tone for the day.

“For us, the perfect ambiance really does affect how diners eat. A meal is more than just a meal. In the right kind of atmosphere, customers feel comfortable and enjoy their meal even more,” Patricia Maranon-Tan, Conti’s marketing manager shared.

Of course, having great food selections for diners is still the top priority.

“Since Conti’s has opened its doors in 1997 (the business started in the small makeshift kitchen of sisters Cecille, Carole and Angie Conti in BF Homes Parañaque), it has been our vision to share joy through our finest culinary creations,” Conti’s Store Development Manager Michael Martinez noted.

Known for their homemade beef tapa, skinless longganisa and daing na bangus, Conti’s has been synonymous to all-day breakfast meals. But sensing a growing market for breakfast eaters, they found it apt to add four new dishes in their 11-item breakfast menu.

“Actually the growth of breakfast is also driven by lifestyle because we have a lot of younger crowds, the workers who are up and about. We want to offer them something new, something that would make their pause worthwhile,” Tan added.

The result of this desire is a combination of Filipino favorites and international staples.

Mixed menu

First up is the bacon bagnet. Consisting of homemade pork belly slices naturally-cured and crisped, the heaping serving comes with sweet and salty sauce, garlic rice, eggs, and atchara.

Then there’s the return of the classic skinless longganisa. Once part of the menu, diehard Conti’s fans might be familiar with this deliciously sweet and yet still savory skinless longganisa, served with lemon rice, eggs, and atchara.

For those looking for international flair, there is the salmon belly in olive oil. Rich Norwegian salmon belly strips in seasoned olive oil are served with lemon rice, eggs, and pickled ubod.

Finally, there’s the croque madame made of meaty slices of Conti’s homemade ham roll, in between toasted brioche, topped with sunny-side-up egg and hollandaise sauce. Served with potato shoestrings, this scene stealer is complimented with a cup of fresh fruits.

“We wanted something to attract the palate of the market. Thus, we try to mix Western and classic dishes in our menu to make breakfast more rich and delicious, so that whether they are big fans of breakfast or not, we can encourage them to go back and make a habit of eating breakfast,” Tan said.

In the end, Conti’s hopes this new selection will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

“So whether you are craving for pork, beef, chicken, whether it be a rice meal or a sandwich, we want to have them all for lola, lolo, for mom, pops, for kuya, ate, junior or bunso. We want to have a variety that Filipinos would be proud to start their day with,” Martinez finally noted.

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