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Caffe Freddo: More than just good coffee

May 16, 2019

In a bustling district like Bonifacio Glo­bal City (BGC), workers are also cons­tantly on the move. They need to find that perfect spot outside their cubicles that offers good food, great coffee and perfect ambience to help them meet their deadlines.

Enter Caffe Freddo, a one-stop shop that promises to hit the three marks. The newly-opened cafe provides a diverse menu of different cuisines and coffee option, a fete not too common in most coffee places in the area.

Caffe Freddo is located at the Spa Building along 9th Avenue in BGC.

“Caffe Freddo started based on the idea that we want good coffee and good food,” managing director Scott Tan explained to The Manila Times. “But we thought that there are already so many coffee places that opened around recently, so we wanted to make it different.

Breakfast Sausage Bowl paired with a Flat White

“Some coffee shops, you just have your pastry and your coffee. So we wanted to present a full menu lineup. Most brunch places serve fatty food but here, we serve cleaner food and we use fresh ingredients.”

Croque Madame

According to Tan, their menu was curated based on the whole team’s favorites with a few twists. And with selections ranging from Indonesia’s nasi goreng, to Germany’s chicken schnitzel, and local Filipino favorites like tocino, Caffe Freddo promises to satisfy one’s cravings, whatever that may be and at any time of the day.

Fried Fish and Fries

So far, the bestsellers are the Ube and Matcha Pancakes and Muesli Bowl for brunch, whereas some of the recommended mains are the Croque Madame, Pork Porchetta and Fried Chicken Confit served with fries.

“And then of course, we have the coffee,” Tan pronounced as he excitedly introduced their coffee selection.

Matcha Pancake, Double Ristretto Coffee, and Brioche French Toast

Caffe Freddo is most proud of their coffee menu, a one of a kind in the city. The premium beans are from Bluestone Lane, an Australian coffee shop and lifestyle brand with numerous locations in North America. Bluestone Lane was heavily inspired by the coffee culture in Australia where locals are truly passionate about the drink, and Caffe Freddo hopes for it to be the same way in the Philippines.

The signature Freddo

The eponymous “The Freddo,” — an iced coffee drink with a double shot of espresso and sweetened thick frothed milk, which also comes in mocha, chai, and coco variants — is one of their highly recommended creations. Another unique variant is the Kendo Rose, which has a double shot of espresso, tonic water, rose syrup, and lemon.

“I think the time is ripe to bring in premium coffee that is more than just a caffeine fix. I believe coffee can be something really special,” Tan finally noted.

Caffe Freddo is located at The Spa Building, 9th Avenue corner Lane P, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net


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