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Kyline relates unforgettable first Big Apple experience

May 24, 2019

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It was a very short stay in New York, five days to be exact, but for Kyline Alcantara, it was enough for her to say that she has fulfilled one if her biggest dreams. One item off her bucket list.

She has heard about many beautiful things about New York since childhood, and she had been wanting to see the city that never sleeps. She never thought it would happen so soon.

The 16-year-old GMA hot star recalls how she wanted to jump for joy when her manager told her that she was included in the group of stars that will perform in New York for GMA Pinoy TV.

“Hindi ako nagpahalata but deep inside me, I was shouting because of happiness and excitement. New York, it’s the city of my childhood dreams! I somehow knew that I would experience being in that city but I did not know that it would be so soon,” Kyline beamed as she shared her excitement to Showbuzz.

When everything was finalized, visa issued, tickets bought, production meetings for the Brooklyn show done, Kyline became more excited. She had to finish her remaining scenes in her series “Inagaw Na Bituin” first before she could fly to the city of her dreams but it didn’t matter, she was looking forward to her trip.

Kyline Alcantara with mom and her friends Martin and Marvin at the Brooklyn Bridge.

“The day before our flight, I was still shooting for my movie ‘Black Lipstick.’ We finished at dawn of the next day and I proceeded home. I still had to pack. Tapos nun, nag-rest lang ako and after lunch, I already prepared to go to the airport with my mom who was joining the trip,” she shared.

With Kyline on that trip were Alden Richards, Betong and Golden Canedo. Their other co-stars in the show, Julie Ann San Jose and Rayver Cruz have gone ahead because of other commitments.

“I thought I would not be able to sleep on the plane because of excitement but siguro because I was tired with the daily tapings and shootings, the moment the plane went up, I dozed off to sleep. I was actually asleep most of time during our 16-hour flight. I never realized I was that tired.”

Guess what Kyline did upon going out of the John F. Kennedy Airport? She literally kissed the ground!

“Actually, hindi lang ako, pati si Golden. Si Kuya Betong kasi nagsabi sa amin na dapat daw humalik kami sa lupa para makabalik kami. Ganun daw kasi siya the first time he went to the Stares. Sinunod naman namin ni Golden. We didn’t care even if people were looking at us. Siyempre gusto naming makabalik,” reasoned the young star.

They arrived in New York in the evening but Kyline did not feel she was tired from the long flight. She wanted to go out and explore her dream city. But her mom prevailed upon her.

“Mama was right. I had to rest first. I needed to preserve my energy for the production meeting the following day. So, we went outside pa rin but just to eat then back to our hotel.”

The following day, Kyline woke up doubly excited. She was told it would be a free day for them. The timing couldn’t be better because her very good friend from Florida, Martin Raval, was in New York and was ready to tour her around.

“I’m so thankful that Martin was there with Tito Ray, his dad and his younger brother Marvin. If they weren’t there, we would not have that very good experience in exploring New York. From the itinerary to our transportation, it was Martin and his dad who took charge.”

On the day of the show “Musikalye Sa Brooklyn,” Kyline devoted the whole day to rest and prepare for the show. She was so happy that a lot of people, mostly Filipinos, came to watch.

“I was so in the mood to perform. I did not want to disappoint the people who came. My co-stars were also excited. Maganda ang naging response ng mga nanood,” shared Kyline.

The following day, Kyline, her mom and the Ravals were back touring New York. The rain was pouring so hard that day but it did not stop them from going around. They had the “I love New York” umbrellas which made the sight seeing more fun especially when they were in Manhattan.

“We went to Times Square, we had our pictures taken at the Brooklyn Bridge and the Liberty Park with the Statue of Liberty as our background. We went to a lot of places and landmarks. I was so happy,” she said.

The day after the show, Martin had to return to Florida because he had school the following day. But before he left, he handed Kyline three tickets for the Broadway musical “Frozen.” That same afternoon, Kyline was in the theater with her mom to watch the musical. It was Rayver who went with them.

Kyline said her five-stay in New York was an unforgettable experience. She and Martin even gave Showbuzz the exclusive photos which this columnist is sharing one with the readers.

* * *

Showbuzz was fortunate to have been invited by outgoing Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista in one of his last activities as the city’s mayor. It was the inauguration of the new Senior High School building of the Flora Ylagan High School in Barangay Pinyahan.

No matter how he laughed, there was a trace of sadness in Herbert’s eyes. He will, of course, miss his daily grind as a public servant.

“But I’m happy that in the 33 years that I served the public, I was able to contribute to the city’s progress,” he quipped.

Herbert Bautista

After his term ends on June 30, Herbert plans to go back to showbiz.

“We grew up in showbiz so if there will be offers, I’m going to entertain them. Kung bagay naman sa akin, I will do it. Aside from acting I also want to do some hosting. Baka puwedeng makasama tayo ni Wowowin,” he intoned.

One thing that Herbert is sure of doing is studying for his doctorate degree in Public Administration.

“Dito lang ako sa Pilipinas mag-aaral. It should be here because I also am serious about my comeback in the entertainment industry,” he said.

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