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Referendum’s words of wisdom: ‘Let it be’

May 16, 2019


THE election result is not at all surprising as these events were not that easy to forget — the SAF 44 massacre; the handling of the Yolanda disaster; the idiotic Luneta siege; the MRT maintenance contract scandal; the P900-million arbitration loss to be paid from our taxes on the whimsical cancellation of the Belgian Laguna Lake project; the massive corruption in the PDAF renamed as DAP; the mushrooming of drug laboratories and millions of lives destroyed due to the drug menace; and the Dengvaxia genocide.

Against this background, still fresh in the electorate’s mind are almost three years of achievement under the current governance — An Act Extending the Validity of Philippine Passports to 10 Years; Free Internet Access in Public Places Act; Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act; Anti-Hospital Deposit Law; Universal Health Care for All Filipinos; Expanded Maternity Leave; Free Irrigation Service Act; Ease of Doing Business, Efficient Government Service Delivery Act of 2018, just to mention a few.

With this contrasting view, it is a conclusive fact that people can live with Digong’s foul-mouthed discourse but not the corruption and incompetence of the Yellow opposition.

Election and referendum are two terms that are often taken in one and the same sense. Strictly speaking, there is difference between the two terms. Election is a formal decision-making process by which members of the population choose an individual to hold public office, whereas a referendum is a direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. The recent May 13 election was one of the few instances when the two words could be considered to be similar.


A drone’s view on the initial, partial and unofficial results of the 2019 senatorial elections seems to show that:

1. There is no Catholic vote.

2. The perceived anger of people against EJK and drug war was not converted to votes.

3. The China issue is a non-issue.

4. Marcos burial, human rights violations and their perceived excesses are also nonissues.

5. There is no clear leader from the opposition who can carry their candidates.

6. PRRD’s popularity is expected to soar higher after being awarded the “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval.


Why did Otso Diretso fail?

It’s their time-tested loyalty to the Aquino government that did the trick. The team was part of the Yellow cult that approved a persecutory stance and righteous pretensions. Making it worse, separation of powers was openly violated during that time.

The Yellow opposition focused on the failures and missteps of the Duterte administration and downplayed its accomplishments. No clear alternative course was presented to justify their acceptance. They just wanted Digong out. They were even ashamed to be seen with PNoy and rejected the idea that they were his ass-lickers before.


Sen. Dick Gordon is saddened that Olongapo is not any more the city that his family had nurtured.

“When I saw the state of our city, I felt an obligation to try against the rampaging tide of materialism and corruption to open the eyes of our people and make them yearn for something more — a city with values and dignity, characterized by true progress, honesty, hard work and development.

“I still believed in the culture of a sincerely changed community of principle which attained success in the past through ‘Kusang-loob, malasakit at kapwa-tao.‘ I have always tried to lead by example and to make Olongapo prevail against all challenges, with people as part of the process and not as mere pawns exploited because of their needy situation.

“Throughout our shared history, I believed that we had become a distinct people that sustained ourselves through hard work by way of Vision, Values and Volunteerism as opposed to instant gratification.

“Now I must accept that our culture has become one that reacts to the quick path of money, the source of which we must be wary and watchful, and one that I am afraid, sees life as it is and not as it should or must be. It seems the people of Olongapo do not share the sense for a need for change in the way the city has become.

“I continue to want only the best not only for the City of Olongapo but for our entire country, and hope that we can all find the path of dignity. As a senator, I remain committed to elevating the lives of our people and will be relentless in pursuing true and lasting progress and development for our country.”


Sore losers, don’t threaten the country by migrating. And you call yourselves patriotic by fleeing? Pack your bags now and continue shaming the country somewhere else and be part of a minority that goes berserk when outvoted by the majority. Rally all you want and test the patience of the rulers in your newfound “democratic” sanctuary. Good luck.


Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net


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