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Staying fit through the power of cycling

May 15, 2019

Passion Lab continues with spin coach Katz Salao

Millennials know that being around like-minded individuals can help take their passion to the next level. Technology giant Samsung understands this and launched Passion Lab, a series of workshops designed to ignite the passion of individuals interested in entrepreneurship, photography, videography, gaming, and fitness.

Radio host and fitness coach Katz Salao

Members of the online community of the brand’s loyal users inclined to fitness recently got to join health enthusiast Katz Salao for a round of indoor cycling.

Besides juggling careers in radio, hosting, and fitness, Salao has always been active — pursuing gymnastics, ballet, taekwondo, volleyball, and cheerleading since a the age of four. Today, she is one of the country’s most in-demand pilates and cycling instructors.

Like Salao, today’s generation of go-getters balance multiple things at once, excelling in their careers while pursuing hobbies and side projects. The demands of doing many things at once require stamina, which can be improved through regular exercise.

For this fitness session, the popular technology company partnered with one of the in-demand cycling studios in Manila, Ride Revolution, for a fun and hip session of spinning. Ride Revolution’s cycling workouts are designed to work and strengthen the body’s core, tone muscles, and burn maximum calories. Its appeal lies in the energy and momentum shared by the coaches and fellow attendees, produced through a themed playlist and the spirit of camaraderie.

Tracking progress using a gadget

One’s fitness goals by tracking and monitoring progress can now be achieved through a smartphone manufactured to let users set targets, celebrate milestones, and get frequent reminders to get up and move. It can also help track nutrition such as daily calorie and fat intake with Bixby Vision, allowing users to scan their food to calculate and log the information.

“My gadget gets me motivated by letting me challenge my friends, join challenges, and earn badges for my achievements,” said Salao. “It’s also easy to use since the Health app automatically detects a workout, which tracks it on my smartphone so I can monitor my progress,” she said of the the model Galaxy S10.

The new model also allows users to share battery life through Wireless Powershare. It can charge smartphones and compatible wearables, such as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active, just by placing them against the smartphone.

Whether she’s in the studio inspiring others to be fit and active, sharing stories in the radio booth, or going on an adventure, there’s no doubt the spin coach can stay on top of everything through her device.

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