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Warm memories run Ann Puno’s kitchen

May 16, 2019

Behind every great cook is a lifetime of fond memories of food and the people it was shared with. Ann Puno, the dessert genius behind Ann Puno’s Kitchen, is no exception.

At 59, Puno is a formidable woman — she’s a multi-awarded baker, a successful entrepreneur, a loving wife, a doting mother and a cancer survivor.

Her journey from kid in the kitchen at her mother’s elbow to a matriarch and business woman running her own enterprise is a joy to follow; a rare feel-good tale of how one woman listened to her instincts and created a path of her own, lit by moments of love with friends and family.

The multi-awarded baker and successful entrepreneur is also a loving wife, a doting mother and a cancer survivor.

How it all began

Like many Filipino children, Puno remembers watching her mother and grandmother prepare their meals.

“I lived in the province where there were no bakeshops but I remember that every birthday, my mother would make us birthday cakes from scratch,” the talented baker shared.

Later, as a newlywed armed with the same La Germania oven she had watched her mother make her birthday cakes with, she kept baking. She created flavors that won over the Filipino palate, and her cakes grew in popularity. The rest, as they say, is history.

A language of love

Through the years, Puno has constantly improved upon her craft. She has founded her business and created a complete system to keep her family well-fed and feeling well-loved.

As her children grew up, they learned to recognize the signs of her love. “They know that making their favorite dishes is a way that I offer them lambing, and comfort.”

Like her mom, she made birthday cakes for each of her children’s birthdays. When the kids came home, there were always snacks ready for them and often, their friends. Even when they had grown up and their schedules became less predictable, they knew that their mom always had something waiting for them.

“They know that when they come home, there is something good to eat. This is my act of service, this is how I show love.”

Protecting her legacy

As her family grows and changes, her business expands, and her personal journey continues to take her in more directions, Puno is dedicated to preserving all the memories that they shared through the years.

She keeps records of the dishes she created in several notebooks filled with handwritten notes, some photos, and even mementos. There’s a collection of books and scrapbooks filled to the brim and that she’s constantly adding to.

This will be her legacy to her grandchildren, and for the people her family chooses to bring into their fold.

That, and maybe one of her ovens. She has one heavy duty La Germania oven that she only uses during peak seasons. On the off seasons, it gets thoroughly cleaned, packed up, and carefully stored in a shed behind the house. Knowing how sturdy these ovens are — Ann’s mother’s original oven is still in service after all these years — there’s a good chance her grandkids will still be able to bake in one of hers.

It has not been an easy life. Nevertheless, it is a rich, full one.

“Sometimes, my husband and I like to think back on all we have gone through. Just talking about it, and being thankful, because even if we have had difficulties, we have always overcome them as a family. Looking at where we are now, we can truly say that we have made a home,” Puno ended.

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