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An ‘uncontrollable’ truth among pregnant women

June 11, 2019

Did you know that on the average, there are about 4,780 babies born daily? That’s about 199 little one born per hour or approximately three babies per mi­nute recorded in 2015 in the Philippines.

As one of the countries in Asia with a high birth rate, an environment that supports families with an informed decision on healthy and satisfying pregnancy is crucial for a successful childbirth and labor.

It is good for moms-to-be to talk to their doctors and know their options in dealing with incontinence during pregnancy from the very start.

Certainly, pregnancy is one of the life events that couples need to prepare for. And admit it or not, it doesn’t matter whether the couple is first-time parents or have given birth already in the past. It’s a stage where it usually involves a mix of growing concerns and a list of expectations because pregnancy and labor have different stories to tell.

Because at the end of the day, parents who are well-equipped in this very important life stage will help ease their worries through proper knowledge and perspective.

‘Expectant workshop

Together with Birthing Beginnings founder Thammie Sy, So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad gathered expecting moms with their partners at the Sheraton Manila for an intimate yet hands-on workshop that’s designed to empower the couples throughout their journey.

Birthing Beginning founder Thammie Sy and celebrity mom Say Alonzo at a pregnancy worshop in Sheraton Manila.

A mom of four who gave birth naturally, Sy earned her Certified Labor Support and Professional Certified Childbirth Educator titles in 2017 at the prestigious Academy for Certified Birth Educators and Labor Support Professionals in the US, which was subsequently followed with training with DONA International and Childbirth International and is a Certified Doula.

Additionally, she also received training in the field of breastfeeding in the same year while in the US, and is also a Certified Lactation Specialist.

Her desire to help families on their parenting journey has led her in setting up birth coaching workshops in the country where proper preparation is an integral part of her philosophy.

“I really believe that education is one of the things that can totally change how you go into labor. Sabi nila, if you don’t know your options then you don’t have any. So, it’s good for the parents to know what their options are from the very start,” said Sy.

With the right perspective, proper preparation, and partnership, anyone could have a blissful birthing experience. A woman’s body is designed for birth and a woman have what it takes to write your unique story, beautifully,” she added.

Incontinence alert

During the workshop that was attended by hopeful moms and dads, Sy discussed a couple of things a pregnant mom would need to prepare for, starting off with the biological changes that come with it.

One unavoidable condition that pregnancy and childbirth bring is when the pelvic floor muscles are put to the test, or a condition called incontinence.

A type of leaky bladder associated with pressure when a pregnant mom sneeze, exercise, or laugh, she may also experience any of the following types: stress (loss of urine due to the physical pressure on the bladder), urgency (loss of urine due to an urgent need to urinate caused by bladder conditions), transient (caused by medication or a temporary condition like UTI) or even a mix of all these symptoms.

Thankfully, pregnant moms now have a better alternative to keep them dry and fresh from the leaky bladder during pregnancy until childbirth.

So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad is made for all genders but pregnant women would benefit a lot from this innovative product. Besides its antibacterial, antifungal, and odor control benefits, it also keeps freshness up to four hours, with three times better absorbency than an imported brand.

Comfy and confident

As one of life’s precious moments, pregnancy is a pleasurable and joyful experience but comes with notorious side effects, like an uncontrollable bladder.

Five months pregnant with her second child, calligraphy artist Icel Ragudo swears by the comfort and relief she has found with use of leakage pad, “I always experience bladder leakage and it was my first time to hear about its medical term, incontinence. The product is super beneficial as pregnant women are prone to infection. Also, I would really go for So Sure versus a diaper as it’s bulky and tends to be uncomfortable.”

In a study conducted by UCLA with a combination of women and those who have delivered their babies within the last three months, it showed that exercise, doing kegels, proper diet, limiting caffeine, and maintaining a healthy weight is a lot of help in minimizing incontinence but it was uncertain if the effect lasted at one year after birth. On top of these, it was found out that about 5 percent of these women still have stress incontinence a year after delivery.

As such, many women may associate the word pregnancy may cause fear and tension.

But as Sy said in her closing remark, “Education, a trusted birth team, preparation, birth plan, and finding relaxation and coping techniques are essential considerations from pregnancy to labor.”

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