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Why Filipino should feel right at home in New Zealand

July 12, 2019

New tourism campaign zooms in on Kiwi culture of family

Known for its varied topography, sharp mountain peaks, temperate climate and distinct biodiversity of animal, fungal and plant life, New Zealand’s beauty was famously captured in the epic “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy for all the world to see.

But beyond its breathtaking landscapes, this country in the Southern Pacific has so much more to offer in experience what with its multicultural backdrop, the warmth and hospitality of its people and a truly positive energy in being first around the earth to see the sunrise every day.

Getting to know the locals are the first part to the best New Zealand experience.

One can almost say this sunny outlook of New Zealand’s citizenry, the Kiwis, is very similar to Filipino temperament, and therefore makes visiting each other’s country a very good and promising idea.

Like the Philippines

With Kiwis and Filipinos both a welcoming people, Steven Dixon, Regional Manager for South and South East Asia of Tourism New Zealand, guarantees conversations about food, life and culture, and the feeling of family will easily be had by Philippine tourists to New Zealand.

“I think the reason why New Zealand resonates with the Philippines is because we are quite similar in that respect — you are all very warm and welcoming hosts which [is a quality] we call manakitanga.”

Waiheke Island is known for being the ‘island of wine’ along with its diverse spread of restaurants, where endless conversations can be had.

And true enough, Dixon has noted a rise in the number of New Zealand tourists coming to the Philippines and vice versa because the exchange perfectly makes sense.

“You also have spectacular landscapes, you have amazing beaches, you have amazing mountains, forests, jungles and great food, but ultimately it is the people-to-people connections that make us want to come here. Because like you we are very proud of our country, very proud of our heritage, very proud of our multicultural background, so we will always have something to talk about.”

‘Good Morning, World!’

To invite more Filipinos to their nearby country, New Zealand made sure to hold a special launch of its new tourism campaign, “Good Morning, World” for the Philippine market. The phrase replaced the 20-year-old slogan “100% Pure Welcome — 100% Pure New Zealand” to highlight their fortunate distinction of being the first to see the sun rise across the world.

Tourism New Zealand PR Manager Kate Campbell and Regional Manager Steven Dixon.

“We decided on ‘Good Morning, World,’ because dawn is very significant in Maori culture. It’s the time of day for reflection, the time of the day to celebrate new beginnings, new life and to look at all of the exciting things the day has to offer,” Dixon explained.

“Nevertheless, we still put our best foot forward in the campaign based on what visitors have told us. That while New Zealand is incredibly well-known and famous for our spectacular landscapes and diverse range of experiences, what drives a visitor to come back to New Zealand or what resonates with them is primarily the interaction they have with the locals,” he continued. “We welcome them as visitors to the country and they leave as members of the family manakitanga.”

New Zealand Ambassador to the Philippines David Strachan.

With their thrust of marrying the scenic and cultural treasures of New Zealand, its tourism department has likewise designed unique ways to entice the world to visit their country. Already in place is a series of Instagram content, whose first post was uploaded on June 17 to complete 365 days, in the form of videos that tell stories about their country and culture through the eyes of New Zealanders. In every clip, Kiwis say, “Good morning, world,” and happily invite guests into their towns and homes.

“From these videos, Filipinos — and the rest of the world — will see manakitanga happening and hopefully come to see it for themselves in person.”

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