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Estonia goes digital to end bureaucracy

Everything from birth certificates to drug prescriptions can be obtained online A card shows all the details to be inputted online to register the birth of new baby Oskar Lunde in Estonia. The government is moving to digitize major services to eliminate paperwork and bureaucracy. (David Keyton/Associated Press)Estonia is proud …

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Desperate Honduran lobster divers suffer the bends at alarming rate

Estimated 4,200 people have gotten decompression sickness in eastern Mosquitia region Lobster diver Saul Ronaldo Atiliano, 45, is lifted onto a dock after travelling via boat to Puerto Lempira, Honduras, to receive decompression sickness therapy in a hyperbaric chamber. ‘The pressure attacked me deep in the water,’ Atiliano said.(Rodrigo Abd/Associated …

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Italy’s Mount Etna spewing lava and ash

Hikers being brought down for safety amid high level of seismic activity A smoke column comes out of the Etna volcano in Catania, Italy, on Monday, Dec. 24. The Mount Etna observatory says lava and ash are spewing from a new fracture on the active Sicilian volcano.(Orietta Scardino/Ansa via Associated …

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Spread of invasive species in Canada costs billions

Northern leopard frogs in B.C. threatened by bullfrogs, while hogweed runs wild, choking out native plants Endangered northern leopard frogs, native to British Columbia, are at risk of being pushed out by voracious bullfrogs, an invasive species that experts say is one of many that puts native Canadian plants and …

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Rare albino ring seal caught near Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Seal died before hunter could reach it; he says Inuit Traditional Knowledge says not to harvest albinos Steven Ferguson, with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, says albino seals are quite rare, and he’s only heard of about four cases of them. (David Kilabuk) He has been displaying the frozen …

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