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8 endangered black rhinos die in Kenya after relocation

Investigation suggests they died of salt poisoning after drinking saltier water at new home A 4-year old Female black Rhino, runs after it was darted at Nairobi National Park in 2006. A Kenyan wildlife official on Friday, July 13, 2018 says seven critically endangered black rhinos are dead following an …

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Watch a glacier half the size of Manhattan break off Greenland

Canadian scientists record video of billions of tons of ice being lost A picture taken during a NASA Operation IceBridge flight in 2016 shows Helheim Glacier in southeast Greenland.(John Sonntag/NASA) “It’s a very loud booming sound that echoes across the fjord from one side to the other as different pieces …

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‘Ghost particle’ reveals source of mysterious cosmic rays

High-energy neutrino travels 4 billion light-years, then trips Antarctic detector This artist’s conception shows a blazar – the core of an active galaxy powered by a supermassive black hole. A neutrino detected at the South Pole last September has pointed to a blazar as a source of cosmic rays.(M. Weiss/CfA)In …

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Videos show girls handfeeding bears at Vancouver-area home

Conservationist ‘shocked’ by footage, says bears may have to be shot if feeding continues This screenshot from a video shows a girl handfeeding a bear cub. After feeding the cub, one of the girls attempts to touch it and the cub swats at her hand.(Instagram)How the City of Coquitlam manages …

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