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Telecom mediator adds staff to deal with soaring complaints about Bell, Rogers, Telus and others

Top topic: customers say they were misled, misinformed Customer complaints to Canada’s telecom ombudsman, the CCTS, are up by 73 per cent over the same period last year.(Shutterstock)Howard Maker, Commissioner for Complaints for Telecom-television Services, says people become ’emotional’ when they feel wronged by their telecom service provider.(CBC) He attributed …

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How you can spot the International Space Station

Catch it now: Station will return to the early morning sky in May If you know where and when to look, you can see the International Space Station pass above your city.(NASA/Reuters) Unfortunately, for those in Alberta and Saskatchewan, you’ll have to wait until early May when it will be …

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Manitoba Hells Angels target businesses by posting 1-star reviews

Hotel and restaurant policy bans gang colours and paraphernalia Dale Kelland, a senior member of the Hells Angels, has been convicted of participating in a criminal organization. He got other Angels to write one-star reviews of businesses that would not serve the gang.(Dale Kelland/Facebook)Kelland called on Angels and their supporters …

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Think twice before consulting Dr. Google, researchers say

When you seek health advice online, you may unwittingly be sharing sensitive information with third parties Reliable sites, run by governments or medical societies, usually have addresses that end in .gov or .edu.(Shutterstock)(CBC) That ability to get an instant diagnosis has turned many people into cyberchondriacs. University of Georgia communications …

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How your last name could cost you an election

The order in which candidates appear on municipal ballots affects their support, study finds Being higher up on a municipal ballot is helpful, a new study finds.(Cliff Shim/CBC) The paper, co-authored by Charles Tessier of Laval University and Alexandre Blanchet of McGill University, examined the results of municipal and provincial …

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