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The new Hard Rock Cafe: A destination for all genres

May 31, 2019

With almost three decades of presence in the city before it eventually closed down in 2017, there is no denying that Hard Rock Cafe has created countless memories for its patrons.

And so two years after, Hard Rock Cafe came back with a sole purpose — to entertain guests with live music and to serve their signature food and drinks.

Now under new management and at their new home at S Maison at Conrad Manila, Hard Rock Cafe retains its signature to make the relaunch refreshing yet nostalgic for new and returning customers alike.

“Hard Rock was in the Philippines for 30 years and we have to modernize it,” Steve Yang, Hard Rock International Area vice president of Development and Operations for Asia Pacific, explained to The Manila Times.

“It is evolving — it’s not just about rock music anymore, it’s about all kinds of music. Beyond just rock performances, we have hip-hop, EDM and DJ performances. It’s all about the music and the food for the new generation.”

Hard Rock Cafe reopened at S Maison of Conrad Manila to continue bringing entertaining nights out for Filipinos.

Rock legend Arnel Pineda began his journey to stardom at Hard Rock Cafe in Manila.

Hard Rock Cafe International and The Bistro Group executives at the symbolic guitar smash, the traditional way to open Hard Rock Cafes worldwide. (From left) Steve Yang, Hard Rock International area vice-president of development and operations for Asia Pacific; Pineda; William Stelton, The Bistro Group’s chairman and CEO; Anibal Fernandez, Hard Rock int’l vice-president of franchise operations; and Jean Paul Manuud, The Bistro Group’s President and COO.

Another famous part of Hard Rock Cafe is their merchandise, ranging from clothing to toys.

As soon as music and food lovers walk in, there is a merchandise shop with an array of options from clothing to toys, and then more music memorabilia present all throughout. Hard Rock is also in talks with more musicians to donate their iconic items to serve as decor. Then, the guests can order from the menu composed of fi­lling American-inspired meals, bar grub, and a selection of drinks.

“Hard Rock is a timeless brand. It appeals to all, from eight- to 80-years-old, to families, to those who want a drink, to those who want to listen, and to everyone, really. It’s very different from just a restaurant.”

Highlighting musical experiences

In addition to the specialty food and drinks, Hard Rock Cafe continues to take pride in having the best night out with music and live performances. In line with this continued tradition, the guitar smash was done at the Manila relaunch, which is a must at every Hard Rock Cafe opening all around the world.

For the opening party, the team also invited Filipino rock legend Arnel Pineda to set the tone for how the bar and restaurant should be. And for the first time in a while, he performed in front of an intimate crowd.

Asked why Pineda was chosen, it turned out that the music superstar actually performed at the first Hard Rock Cafe way before he was discovered and his career took off.

“Our slot was on a Sunday and people didn’t usually go out on that day, so that was a challenge,” Pineda recalled his early times at the Hard Rock. He and his band covered songs by other famous acts like The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Soon after, and even during off days, their band started to draw in larger crowds.

Pineda is best known as the vocalist of international rock band Journey but like most artists, it took a while before getting his big break. It can be remembered that a YouTube video became the tool for Journey to discover their new frontman.

“This is a part of my life that I missed doing because when Journey found me in 2007, I’ve stopped doing this,” Pineda expressed, “We have a very, very good relationship. I feel very much at home. I would love this to happen again,” he ended.

Through Pineda, Hard Rock aims to emphasize the music their place offers. A lot of unknown and startup bands actually had their start by performing at the famous bar and restaurant, such as Imagine Dragons and a lot of K-pop groups.

The new Hard Rock Cafe is located at S Maison of Conrad Manila, at the Mall of Asia Complex.

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