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Liza still in therapy for finger injury

June 25, 2019

Only when his hands are full does Vignettes never get to catch talent manager-cum-comedian Ogie Diaz online.

But almost in perpetuity, Ogie pops out at the drop of a hat whenever we bug him on Facebook Messenger most especially on his career-related concerns.

Showbiz circles know too well that Ogie is synonymous with one of ABS-CBN’s prized gems Liza Soberano, his ward, who’s still in the US for treatment of her injured finger.

Curious about her condition, we requested Ogie to give us Liza’s latest medical bulletin (since we know that his recent trip to Los Angeles had a lot to do with looking after the young actress).

For all her fans to know, Liza is still being monitored after a new antibiotic has been administered through her PICC line.

To make us better understand what it meant, Ogie tagged a series of photos showing a patient (not exactly Liza) whose either arm is inserted with PICC (for peripherally inserted central catheter), a long, soft and flexible tube used to give fluids, medications and nutrients, and/or take blood samples for testing.

However, the PICC will have to remain attached to the patient for several weeks or months.

Liza Soberano

“But God willing, Liza will come home this July. But it still depends on her surgeon (the one administering the catheter),” Ogie told Vignettes, thinking that the medical procedure must have been performed weeks ago.

While we failed to ask him when Liza would be back to work — as she’s set to star in another reunion teleserye with Enrique Gil on ABS-CBN and a film under Star Cinema — or maybe these plans may have to wait in the wings until the young actress will have fully recovered.

Vignettes couldn’t help but vividly recall the message of an English poem titled “Invictus” recited back in fourth grade. Its poet William Ernest Henley wrote it while at the hospital for treatment of his bone tuberculosis.

The ABS-CBN gem with manager Ogie Diaz

The poem, which ends with “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul,” might help Liza realize that in her spiritual strength lies her triumph against all odds. Of course, next to the One up there.

* * *

GUESS WHO? With no regular TV assignments, this veteran actor (VA) and a younger male colleague (YMC) were offered to do separate shows in a rival network. It was a tempting deal that VA and YMC couldn’t let pass.

Along with other non-exclusive stars, the two good-looking actors joined the station’s lavish trade fair which introduced its upcoming, big-budget shows.

But there was more to the VA and YMC’s network transfer. Suspected of being gay, there were persistent talks that they made it out once.

Between the two, YMC is the subservient-type who reportedly never whined about what VA would lovingly request of him to do. “Parang siya yung lumalabas na girl sa kanilang dalawa,” a Vignettes tipster said.

VA and YMC eventually left the station after their contracts expired. So did they leave each other’s company which seemed “co-terminus.”

* * *

Vignettes has known this comedic sidekick (CS) since the early ‘80s. Born to a father who was a favorite sidekick himself to many an action film, CS had a girlfriend familiar to Vignettes.

However, it was CS who broke up with the girl who told him she might be pregnant. “Naku, papatayin ako ng tatay ko saka hindi pa ako ready sa ganyan. Hindi kaya pinipikot mo lang ako?” were the hurtful words of CS.

The poor girl had no choice but to call the instant breakup. Many years later, the ex-couple crossed paths at a network studio. CS happened to be one of the program hosts while his ex-girlfriend was a studio audience.

Backstage where they met after the show, the girl said in jest: “Mayaman ka na, penge naman ng pera.” Without hesitation, CS forked over a crisp P1000 and gave it to the girl. It was when the girl told CS that her pregnancy was a false alarm.

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