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Lizanne Uychaco opens exhibit at Conrad Manila

June 23, 2019

SHE may have degrees from the top financial schools and an impressive career in the cutthroat world of business but Lizanne Uychaco always goes back to her first passion — art.

A mixed media artist, Uychaco is a life-long student in sculpture, pottery, jewelry-making, silver craft, gold gilding, calligraphy, and painting.

“When I was two years old, while my other cousins would be playing, I would be painting. And if I didn’t have crayons or watercolor, I would go to my mom’s dresser, I would get her lipstick and I would paint with that. I really liked to paint ever since,” Uychaco told The Sunday Times Magazine.

Since then, Uychaco participated in school art contests, held exhibits annually, and was ultimately launched in a discovery series by Ayala Museum.

Mixed media artist Lizanne Uychaco is best known for her works inspired by ancient beliefs. PHOTOS BY J. GERARD SEGUIA

Uychaco’s signature style involves prosperous figures, stemming from her Filipino-Chinese upbringing. The same style is evident in her 24-piece exhibit “Of Art and Wine: Heaven and Earth,” at the Gallery C of Conrad Manila.

As the country’s first and only feng shui artist, Uychaco brings a modern interpretation to the ancient symbols of prosperity, longevity, and happiness all influenced by cultural beliefs.

Despite the minimalism, her works radiate positivity, thanks to the energy and subjects of good luck, harmony, prosperity, wealth, and success.

‘Vision of Success,’ 100cm x 160cm, mixed media; ‘The Best of Times,’ 100cm x 160cm, mixed media; ‘Colors of Euphoria,’ 100cm x 160cm, mixed media

One of the prominent symbols in the exhibit is the abstract oriental coin, an important part of the artist’s life and her Filipino-Chinese culture. “I was very sickly when I was very young so they told me that this is a magic coin — it would make me strong, it would make me healthy, it would make me successful, it would make me lucky,” she recalled.

“I don’t know what I would be if I didn’t wear the coin. It’s part of my life and I saw it as a tribute. It’s part of me and it’s part of my works,” Uychaco added.

(Clockwise, from top left): ‘Deeply Rooted,’ ‘Sense of Gratitude,’ ‘Overflowing Luck,’ ‘Priceless Treasures,’ ‘Fortune has Arrived,’ ‘Prism of Happiness.’

Another interesting part of Uychaco’s art is how she uses her skills in mixed media, particularly how sculpture and other medium plays a role in her paintings.

Throughout Uychaco’s career as a creative, she has worked with corporations and non-government organizations, even teaching painting to the underprivileged and overseas Filipino workers.

Lizanne Uychaco’s “Of Art and Wine: Heaven and Earth,” exhibit is on view at the Gallery C of Conrad Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City until August 11.

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