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Sports and religion: Worlds apart

June 25, 2019


TWO groups are vying for control of the hosting of the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in November this year.

Joey Romasanta, the head of the private Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), wants to host the games, saying the POC is the franchise holder of SEA Games in the country.

Taguig City Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano, who chairs the Philippine Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee (Phisgoc), also wants to dip his hand into the money-filled jar.

Both Cayetano and Romasanta are fighting over the P6-billion budget for the SEA Games.

If you ask a miron (onlooker) like me, para wala nang away (so there will be no more quarrel), President Digong should give the P6-billion SEA Games budget to Butch Ramirez.

Ramirez is chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), a government body that oversees sports.

The President’s marching orders to Ramirez were for him to stay on top of the preparations for the SEA Games.

Ramirez’s position is equivalent to that of a Cabinet member, although the post doesn’t hold Cabinet rank.

Sports was taken out of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) during the time of President Erap.

* * *

I remember approaching Ramirez during the administration of President Gloria, when he was also PSC chairman, to ask for help on behalf of a judo coach who was hospitalized after being stricken with a kidney disease.

The judo coach, who was living inside the gym of the Philippine Amateur Judo Association (PAJA) at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, owed P150,000 to a private hospital for his confinement and medicines.

He came to me for help, and so I went to Ramirez on his behalf.

Ramirez lost no time in paying the coach’s hospital and medical bills from PSC funds.

* * *

You will ask why the judo coach was stricken with a kidney disease?

The coach, who was scrimping on food as he was sending his small emoluments from the government to his family in Zamboanga City, had cup noodles for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even merienda (snacks).

People in the know would have advised the coach against the unhealthy diet as ready-to-eat noodles is mixed with a liberal dose of sodium chloride (salt) for preservative.

Salt, taken day in and day out in huge quantities, is lethal.

* * *

The plight of that judo coach, who trains judo players to compete in the Olympics, is universal among all our athletes who compete for the glory of the country.

Our national athletes receive little or no compensation from the government.

What remains of the P6 billion after the SEA Games should be spent on our national athletes.

* * *

One of the broadcasting companies whose franchise was renewed by President Digong is the Delta Broadcasting System owned by religious guru Bro. Mike Velarde.

Velarde not only owns a broadcasting company but is also into real estate.

The key to getting filthy rich is to form a religion.

A religious sucker is born every minute. There are millions and millions of suckers born every minute.

* * *

My friend, Reli German, in a drunken stupor, asked me if I wanted to join him in forming a new religion, which is a sure way to easy wealth.

Reli said we would call our religion Church of Reli and Ramon or ARR.

Our main attraction would be gorgeous women imported from the Eastern European countries who would preach the gospel of Reli and Ramon.

Free love or unlimited sex among the members, as well as monetary “love offerings,” would be required in our congregation.

Our church would become rich in no time at all from the love offerings. We would not worry about paying taxes as religious groups are tax-free.

* * *

For perks and privileges, courtesy of the government, Reli and I would ask the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) for luxury sports utility vehicles (SUV) or Mercedes Benz sedans.

We would tell Pagcor that the vehicles would be used in saving souls from the fires of hell through preaching the gospel of Reli and Ramon.

Reli and I would then build a mansion retreat on top of a mountain where we would have rooms for our concubines.

We would tell the women that in order for them to enter the kingdom of heaven they should allow me and Reli to make love to them every night.

“We are the sons of the Father and we are your only salvation,” we would tell our followers, especially the women.

Of course, you know Reli German. He was the author of the book Eraptions, a collection of jokes about Joseph “Erap” Estrada which catapulted the actor-politician to Malacañang.

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