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Taiwan offers fresh ‘check-in’ spots

June 07, 2019

Container houses provide the perfect photo background and check-in spots all over Taiwan.

At a time when “check-in” on social media has become a trend in travel all over the world, Taiwan’s novel, creative and fresh scenic attractions have captivated a large number of tourists to take photos and post them on social media.

Kubic in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan and Starbucks in Hualien change the general concept of check-in spots via container houses, presenting the perfect background walls becoming the excellent check-in attractions throughout picturesque Taiwan.

Rainbow Village 2

At Zhengbin Fishing Port, Keelung City, the colorful houses in a row exude an exotic vibe — evoking a Mediterranean coast look when viewed from a distance. Similar to the Rainbow Village in Taichung, its art creation and casual graffiti of splendid colors make visitors feel as if walking into the world of fairy tales and urge them into taking photos and checking in on social media, forgetting about time.

Like Bolivia’s Sky Mirror

There is also a secret land to check-in in the eastern part of the country — the Torik Beach in Taitung County. Its breathtaking beauty can be compared to The Sky Mirror in Bolivia. Take photos and check-in on social media here. It’s like traveling to South America or Europe.

Balloon Festival

During the months of July and August, the Taiwan International Balloon Festival is a must-visit at Luye Township, Taitung. The beautiful scenery of Huatung Valley can be enjoyed best by riding a hot air balloon up in the sky, and see the moon and stars closer as night falls at Luye Highland. Certainly, this is the hottest way to travel around Taitung in summer and check-in on social media.

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