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‘Ang Babae sa Septic Tank’ is incoming!

July 17, 2019

Palanca award-winning screenwriter and director Chris Martinez firmly believes that great franchises come in threes.

“The first is to establish presence, the second is to follow up the blockbuster and the third is your panigurado,” he breezily counted off and quite gayly too, either because of his wisecrack or the fact that he was sat beside his BFF Eugene Domingo, the versatile comedienne.

Actually a trio for this interview, Martinez and Domingo also had Quantum Films producer Atty. Joji Alonzo joining them to make a very important announcement. About the franchise that binds them together, of course, which officially achieves greatness today.

Yes, fans of the cult blockbuster “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” will be thrilled by the news that the third installment of the satirical movie where Domingo plays an megalomaniacal and egotistical version of herself is out at this very moment. The T-Zone says that even if you’re reading this at the crack of dawn because Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 3 is neither showing in a film festival where it had its debut nor in commercial theaters where the previous pair of movies made huge killings at the box office.

Installment No. 3, subtitled “The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken” has invaded the digital sphere and is now ready to stream for free on iWant TV.

“We decided to go streaming because the idea for Septic Tank 3 came at the dawn of Netflix and iFlix and all those other sites that basically tell us that this is the all-new way that people consume entertainment. We are intrigued by this new platform, we are excited about this major change in viewing habits, and we want to be there. Babae sa Septic Tank wants to be there, and thankfully, Dreamscape Entertainment liked the idea and we’re showing on iWant TV,” Martinez explained.

Eugene Domingo’s latest artistic conquest in ‘Ang Babae sa Septik Tank 3’ is to go from accomplished actress to actress producer director in the most outrageous and riotous way.

Besides the medium where this latest comedy is served, only one other thing differs from the previous installments as Dominguez next explained: “This third edition has been turned into a seven-part series, which is ideal for the streaming platform, pero lahat din yon available on the day of the premiere.”

And with the same high as her screenwriter-best friend, she reiterated, “Hindi ba uso na ang digital series ngayon? So dapat updated tayo, sumasabay at sumasakay. Saka kasi kailangan din nating ma-reach ang mas maraming tao na minsan ang time lang nila to watch movies or series ay sa iWant na digital, so sali tayo diyan.”

Series in process

As for the comedic flavor of the now digital Babae sa Septic Tank, it remains as irreverent and relevant as ever as it tackles Domingo’s latest artistic conquest to go from mere actress to actress-producer-director.

“Direktor na ako ngayon ng historical film na ‘The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken’,” she dropped the bomb.

“Just the premise alone is hilarious because Bracken, the greatest love of national hero Jose Rizal, is half-Irish and half-Chinese. In other words, she is red-haired Caucasian and Uge, as producer and director, insists there is no one better for the role but Uge!” Martinez elaborated.

As a first-time director, Direk Uge goes overboard with every aspect of the film, interfering with the costume design, screenplay, musical score, editing, and almost everything else, causing turmoil on set.

Domingo with franchise creator and screenwriter Chris Martinez (left) and Quantum Films producer Joji Alonso.

“Bagay itong storyang ito na maging isang series because Eugene will go through a process from conceptualizing to casting, to shooting, all the way to post-prod and press. And the challenge is to write it in a way that each episode ends in an exciting cliff-hanger so the viewer can’t wait to watch the next one.

Amazing cast

What’s more, an amazing cast lent their talent to make Direk Uge’s dream a reality. They are artists who gamely portrayed a fictional version of themselves including Tony Labrusca, who Uge chooses as her Josephine’s hunky Rizal.

Mylene Dizon and Joanna Ampil also play as themselves and Jose Rizal’s sisters Narcisa and Saturnina, providing tension and sass as they compete for their lady director’s attention and approval.

And in a very pleasant and highly entertaining surprise, award-winning director and writer Jose Javier Reyes portrays himself as Direk Uge’s screenwriter who becomes her unwilling partner-in-crime.

The message

With the irreverence covered by Martinez’s script, Uge and the support cast’s beautifully unexpected portrayals, and the direction of the franchise’s one and only captain Marlon Rivera, how then does the outrageous series deliver the rele­vance that is demanded of every Babae sa Septic Tank, no matter the year nor medium.

Just as breezily, its brainchild replied, “‘Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 3: The Real Untold Story of Josephine Bracken’ mirrors this era of fakery, fake news and faking history. Because just like the powerful forces of the day, Direk Uge appropriates facts to fit her needs. Pinepeke ang balita para sa goals nila. So this is very timely and this is very relevant as a way for us to comment on historical revisionism.”

And cleverly and responsibly, to balance out the hilarity of it all, and especially to keep in mind that the majority of Septic Tank’s fanbase is within the millennial to Gen Z bracket, the series commissioned renowned Filipino historian Ambeth Ocampo to provide the anchor on historical facts at the most unexpected moments in every episode and ground viewers on the true stories with pieces of juicy trivia on these well-known figures of the nation’s history

“Tatawa sila ng tatawa pero imumulat natin sila sa tunay na mensahe ng realidad na pinagbasihan nitong istoryang ito na may mga taong binabaliktad ang katotohanan — and that’s the power of satire and comedy. It’s funny but it’s painful.”

Do catch this all new gem of a production from the original team of Babae sa Septic Tank. The T-Zone previewed two episodes ahead of today’s premiere and guarantees the series is a laugh-a-minute comedy with — and there’s absolutely no pretense intended here — the stuff of which substance is made.

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