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Chito Roño out of Kris Aquino’s MMFF entry

July 23, 2019

It’s official: Kris Aquino is joining this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival in December.

This time though, while the Queen of All Media is fielding another horror flick titled “(K)ampon” some other director is taking the helm, and it’s not Chito Roño as earlier rumored.

Some other film company is also producing it, and not Star Cinema which previously churned out their collaborative projects together like “Feng Shui” and “Sukob.” It’s Atty. Joji Alonzo’s Quantum Films which is behind the production, second time around for Derek Ramsay—Kris’ new leading man.

Vignettes sent a text message to Kris wanting to get her reaction as (K)ampon made it to the four out of eight official festival entries.

She said that her film’s inclusion came unexpected but expressed excitement over getting the film shoot started in September. However, Kris — who’s been issued a health checklist by her doctor — has yet to secure a medical clearance if pursuing the project is possible.

Her text reply added: “Like today, my neurologist came as my migraine attacks are awful.” Her doctor had to administer “botox prophylaxis” which took all of three injections in her forehead, nape and left shoulder.


Kris was assured though that those shots would address her migraine attacks over a period of three months. Did those hurt? “No, mas masakit pa nga ang broken heart,” she jested.

The next day, Kris was scheduled to fly to Japan, “I’m taking a short trip (five days) to Tokyo, my happy place.”

Of course, it’s a known fact that Kris has only been travelling to two Asian countries: Japan to get herself recharged with sons Joshua and Bimby, and Singapore for her medical checkup.

* * *

GUESS WHO? This action star (AS) has earned the distinction of being a man with balls most especially if he believes he is right. In fact, he minces no words in expressing his thoughts regardless what people think of him.

Once he got into a brawl with a fellow actor (FA) at a basketball game, “Kilala rin kasing pikon (spoilsport) si FA, na ayaw ring nalalamangan.”

Raring to get even with FA, AS had set a time and place for them to settle their spat once and for all. Common to both actors is an actress who gladly served as a go-between, even offering her place thinking that the face-off was meant to bury the hatchet, so to speak.

After welcoming them both to her sprawling lawn, she was stunned when instead of seeing them shake hands, AS and FA suddenly engaged in a fistfight. The real-life action scene which took all of 15 minutes only stopped when the actress screamed for help.

* * *

A common non-showbiz friend had posted a congratulatory message, with an accompanying medium shot body picture, for a popular actress-comedienne (PAC) who recently marked her 30th year in the biz.

With less than 50 likes from mostly her college buddies, under the comment section was the PAC’s welcome reply.

Vignettes is quite privy to PAC’s humble beginnings. It was at a popular sing-along hub cum comedy bar somewhere in Quezon City where it all began.

A long-haired male customer-director (MCD) spotted her, took delight in her antics, brokered her showbiz entry, and the rest is history.

To this day, however, MCD begrudges PAC for the one trait seemingly most common among the now-famous stars.

A female acquaintance made Vignettes read a text message sent to her by MCD which read: “Beware of her…walang utang na loob yan.”

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