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Jesse McCartney conquers Manila

July 18, 2019

American pop singer Jesse McCartney, who shot to fame with his hits like “Beautiful Soul,” “She’s No You,” “Get Your Shine On,” “Because You Live,” “Leavin’,” “Just So You Know,” “Shake,” “How Do You Sleep,” “Body Language” and “It’s Over,” finally set foot in the country and staged his first Manila concert on July 13 at the New Frontier Theater. The show was produced by Random Minds.

The much awaited concert comes at the heels of McCartney’s tongue-in-cheek music video release for his single “Wasted.” Interesting and funny, the MTV was directed by Jason Lester.

“It’s just a fun light-hearted song. When I finished recording it, I knew I wanted to do something comedic for the video to sort of stretch my comedy legs. That’s why we shot that video where I’m playing every single character as a way for me to do something different and creative at the same time. It was inspired by a skit I did for ‘Funny or Die’ where I played myself, my manager and my manager’s assistant. It became a blueprint on what we’d do for the music video,” McCartney said in an interview with Music Geek, two days before hitting NFT at the Araneta Center.

Last year, he released “Better With You” since his well-received 2014 album “In Technicolor.”

“I felt like it was the right song to reintroduce myself back into the public, to the music market, to reconnect with my fans. Musically and sonically, it had a nostalgic feel to it. It probably reminded people of my earlier music. It just felt like the right song to release when I was coming back. It is a song about finding somebody who makes a better version of yourself. Finding that person that you would be around the most,” McCartney said about the song.

Before becoming a pop star, he started his career as an actor at a young age and achieved popularity in the late 1990s via the US daytime drama “All My Children” as JR Chandler. Since then, McCartney has appeared on shows such as “Hannah Montana,” “Law and Order: SVU,” “Summerland” and “Greek” among others. He is also known as the voice of Theodore in “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and its sequels.

McCartney’s first foray into music was when he joined the boyband Dream Street and eventually went solo. His fan base grew with the success of his solo albums under Hollywood Records like “Beautiful Soul,” “Right Where You Want Me” and “Departure.” He also had songwriting credit on Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love” under his belt in 2007. McCartney went independent in 2014 with his album “In Technicolor.”

Here is Music Geek’s one on one interview with the 32-year-old New York-born singer, songwriter, producer and actor. Special thanks to Anne Poblador and Random Minds.

You have ventured both in acting and singing. What for you is your career highlight?

There’s been many. I think releasing my first debut album was a big moment because it introduced me to the world. I went from being this local high school kid to somebody who is known in the Philippines. It was a very big shift for me. And then later on just developing as a writer and becoming a songwriter with some big hit records was also validating for me as well.

Among your songs, which one is your favorite?

Music Geek with the American singer PHOTOS BY AIEL MEDINA AND JUDE NG

I think “Beautiful Soul” is obviously the most nostalgic. It is the first hit song I’ve ever had and it never gets old. Recently I’ve been enjoying singing a lot of the new stuff too. There’s the song called “Selfless” that a lot of people don’t know but when they hear it for the first time, it really connects with them.

Any plans for a new album or EP this year?

Yes. As soon as I’m finished up touring in Southeast Asia, I’m going back to LA. I’ve already been in the studio since the American leg of the tour. I’ve probably written another 3 or 4 songs. My goal is to put out either an EP or LP but right now I have 6 or 7 songs that we finished. I’ll probably release by the end of the year or early next year.

Through the years, what have you learned from your life, love and career?

I would say patience. I learned a lot about patience. Just taking it all in and enjoying the moment while it is here. Enjoying the present, I think that it is something when you’re younger you can kind of lose sight of. Just appreciating things a lot more.

What is music to you?

It is a universal language which we all understand.

You started young in the entertainment business. Did you actually get to enjoy childhood and growing up?

It is funny. You know, a lot of people think I was robbed of my childhood because I was successful at a young age but I was able to squeeze in a lot of normal years as well as a kid. And it wasn’t until I was about 16 or 17 when things started getting to a point where it was time to really focus on my career. But I was able to get some great years of just normality where I would play baseball with my team and go to dances. I did miss a couple of dances here and there and a couple of school activities but ultimately, it’s a small price to pay for what I was doing and still doing.

Do you have plans to write for other artists likewise?

At the moment, no because I’m so busy trying to finish my album. So right now, I’m focusing on trying to finish my project and I’m trying to get other writers to work with me. Maybe at some point, I can write some songs for other artists again but I just want to write the best songs and keep all good songs to myself right now.

What has fame taught you?

Fame has taught me that you need to think about whatever it is that you’re doing because it can impact the life of somebody else in a negative or positive way.

Who is Jesse McCartney then and Jesse McCartney now personally and artistically?

I’m still the same person. I think I just know a lot more people now. I’ve travelled a lot. I’ve seen the world and met a lot of really great people. Met some not so good people too but I’ve been able to digest all of that. I’ve learned from all of it and and hopefully write better songs because of it.

A message for your Filipino fans?

To all my Filipino fans, thank you so much for all your love and support through the years.

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