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Matteo Guidicelli military stint praiseworthy

July 16, 2019

Vignettes had the opportunity to engage in a lengthy huddle with an ex-soldier, now a university professor who knows by heart what it’s like to undergo what Matteo Guidicelli had hurdled before successfully passing his Scout Rangers Orientation Program recently.

Our source, who we shall address as “S.S.” in strict compliance of military protocol throughout this column, has nothing but praises for the young actor for willingly embarking on the program when he’s actually a civilian who did it on his own volition.

S.S. told Vignettes that it was between 2001 and 2005 when he joined the Armed Forces as an intelligence officer. An assignment in Batangas which would promote him as executive officer of the combat squadron in 2006, however, would make him take part in the special operations. And as such, S.S. had to undergo rigid training as a scout ranger as did Matteo.

Matteo Guidicelli says of this post as ‘Ranger G – Lessons, experience, struggles, challenges, emotions. Difficult to explain. But what I can say it that it has been the best experience of my life… God bless our soldiers and their families. Unity is the only solution to be a great nation, let’s do it.’ INSTAGRAM PHOTOS

“I admire him,” S.S. told Vignettes, “as the program isn’t really meant for civilians. Kung kami na ngang nasa military service na, nahihirapan, how much more si Matteo?”

As in the past years, the forest-like Camp Tecson in Bulacan has served as a training ground for Scout Rangers. The entire program takes about 40 to 45 days to complete.

“For the first three weeks, the trainees get up as early as 3:30 a.m. to jog around the camp on a 20-kilometer stretch for two hours. Ang matindi dun, they start with a five-kilo sandbag which they carry on their backs, tapos pabigat na yun nang pabigat until it reaches 20 kilos,” narrated S.S speaking from experience.

The actor visited by his family and girlfriend Sarah Geronimo (second from left) at Camp Tecson, San Miguel, Bulacan.

By 6 a.m., he added, the trainees take a dip into the muddy waters in the forest before a refreshing bath to tidy themselves up for the 810 a.m. scheduled lecture. “Magla-lunch lang kami then sabak na uli kami sa training,” he said.

The worst part of the training is the last leg called Hell Week. Here, the trainees, thrown into the proverbial wilderness and only clad in T-shirts and shorts, have to reach a designated outpost under time pressure without getting caught or cornered by the officers posing as enemies, “Otherwise, we get tortured. Pinapalo kami ng yantok (bamboo-made bats).”

It was reported that Matteo, on his first or so week, almost quit the training. “But he persevered. Yun nga lang, ang laki ng ipinayat niya,” S.S. lamented, “pero gumanda naman ang katawan niya.”

At least, Matteo has a fallback should he decide to quit showbiz. A soldier, and why not, Sarah Geronimo?


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Albeit crowded, the SGS finds the city safe as he can move around incognito, “Unlike other Asian cities, there aren’t too many Filipino tourists there.”

A male spa situated right in the heart of the metropolis is SGS’ favorite destination, where he usually engages the services of two good-looking local masseurs at every visit.

The many times he has gone to the spa have made SGS on friendly terms with the male desk officer (MDO). “Where do you come from?” was MDO’s query upon the SGS’ initial visit. “I come from the Philippines. I am a singer.”

Later upon doing Google, MDO had proven to himself that the SGS wasn’t lying at all.

Once a pair of Filipino tourists stopped by the spa. When told where they’re from, MDO started telling them about SGS being a regular client.

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