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On automation and artificial intelligence

July 18, 2019


AUTOMATION and AI are two major and potential risks we face in the future. Labor displacement will be imminent. While technology will make us live comfortably, it can easily make us idle and unproductive as well. And when we have nothing else to do, we will have to accept being categorized as endangered species.

* * *

Justice Secretary Menardo I. Guevarra ordered the Bureau of Immigration to investigate the alleged escort service modus at the NAIA which allows the illegal entry and exit of air passengers.

An exemplary move that delivers the message to all agencies under the wing of the DoJ that anybody can be held accountable for any attempt to give special treatment to anyone. In the past, I have seen cabinet members instinctively defending their underlings first without even trying to smell any possible foul play that was done. Keep it up, Mr. Guevarra.

* * *

Desalination plants are now cheaper and almost cost the same as building more dams that will still rely on rainfall. The finance and energy departments should shift focus in this direction. Let us start seeking grants from our Middle Eastern allies like Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States like United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

PRRD is expected to deliver a short speech in his fourth SONA next Monday. Expect the reaction of the opposition and their media allies to be 10 times longer.

Although Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said the extradition bill is dead, Hongkongers and the rest of the world want to see the coffin completely buried under the ground.

* * *

PRRD is said to be “seriously considering” cutting diplomatic ties with Iceland for spearheading the resolution calling for a probe into alleged killings in our country “based on false information.” With an “icy” friend like Iceland, who needs enemies?

Even ES Salvador Medialdea said that the move is an insult to a sovereign and peace-loving country like ours. Expect a sequel (produced by DFA) of the animation movie in 2013 called “Frozen.”

* * *

We now know that former congressman Henry Ong filed with the Office of the Ombudsman a complaint against Lolita Javier, the candidate who defeated him in the last elections, for allegedly lying about her residency. The residency issue among candidates has always been with us for decades but it seems that no legislative remedy is forthcoming.

The President praised Secretaries Mark Villar, Arthur Tugade and Ramon Lopez as top performers among his Palace family. He mentioned Villar building 96,165 new roads, including 3,201 kilometers of tourism roads that were widened, repaired and rehabilitated.

We have to give credit to infrastructure development happening in the past three years.

I myself abhor the traffic mess that puts those daily frown fixtures in our faces but the major reason for such nightmares are good dreams being fulfilled. Deep inside, the traffic flow disruptions make me feel happy watching those construction payloaders, towering cranes and back hoes digging left and right, employing thousands of construction workers around the country. I feel some kind of elation that my money as a taxpayer is being spent to the hilt and well.

This phenomenon is heartwarming after watching six years of the previous governance keeping an unprecedented “bag of tricks” where gold and silver could disappear whenever its leader twitched his nose.

There are new synonyms for the word turtle: these are “EDSA, Smart and Globe.” Even the word “EDSA” has now acquired new meanings: disgust, depression, anger, hatred, parking lot, hopelessness, dislike, abhorrence and misery. All of these gave birth to a daily occurrence we call “road rage.”

* * *

World population increased to 7.7 billion while earth’s real estate is being swallowed by water due to polar caps rapidly melting. And we spend more money on space probes than repairing the damage that we have done.

Rep. Edcel Lagman warned speakership bet Alan Peter Cayetano against installing a House minority leader who would be subject to the “whims” of the majority bloc. I agree with this pronouncement. A legitimate opposition is the key to foster a well galvanized legislative process. However, the legitimacy of an opposition bloc should not be based on efforts just to delay or create obstacles. In the past, these were used to gain financial and political advancement.

I heard that there is a pending accreditation at Comelec: That of “Probinsyanong-Nananapak party list.”

As a taxpayer, I am again disturbed seeing government officials and employees posting on their social media accounts photos of travels, team-building seminars and conventions. Icing on the cake are photos of these personalities showing off long tables of culinary treats and widely grinning with pride. Have mercy. You’re making my load much heavier.

Congratulations to all my fraternity brothers for attending a well-organized UP Beta Sigma 73rd Anniversary Celebration last Sunday. Everybody contributed to make this occasion a huge success and most memorable.

The CoA has filed notices of disallowances issued against two regional offices of PhilHealth and to agency officials to refund illegal bonuses worth P34 million. This is not the way to stay fit and healthy.

* * *

Good work, good deeds and good faith to all.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net


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