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Sojourn in Surabaya

July 31, 2019

Indonesia’s “Second City” has a lot to offer by way of tourism

With its charming mix of sightseeing spots and shops, Surabaya beckons travellers to immerse themselves in modern Indonesian culture away from the usual tourist routes of the country.

Locals travel to Surabaya for shopping and leisure, as a break from work, exploring the shops and enjoying the signature spicy soups and curries that can be found in its homegrown restaurants. When in this sprawling area of Indonesia, it is a good idea to do as the locals do and check out the local landmarks to find those hidden gems.

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While Surabaya is the second largest cosmopolitan area in Indonesia, one of the biggest natural attractions near Surabaya is Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, which makes for spectacular adventure stories and breathtaking photos with the famed crater in the background.

If it’s a sea escape you are looking for, there are weekend harbor cruises that will take passengers along the waterfront and under the Suramadu Bridge—one of the longest bridges in Southeast Asia which connects Surabaya to the island of Madura. When back on land, the Suramadu Bridge can also be a breathtaking sight especially when it lights up at night.

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Traverse the bridge to get to Madura, and learn the fascinating facets of their indigenous culture while indulging in their traditional food such as the Sate Madura. Or try their herbal concoctions that are said to bring good health and renewed vitality. Madura also has long stretches of beaches that are perfect for stretching out under the sun or trying new watersports at resorts located along the coast. There are even diving and snorkelling spots at the nearby Kangean Islands.

Make no mistake about it, Surabaya offers shopping spots galore, including the Pasar Atom, which merges the traditional bazaar market with a modern mall. Here, one can shop for everything from affordable garments, to pasalubong items, and even fresh fruits. The food stalls offer a diverse range of quick bites using traditional Indonesian ingredients.

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Among the food to try in Surabaya are fresh fruit salad known as Rujak, the savory black soup with diced meat and Kluwak nuts called Rawon, and the fried tofu dish named Tahu Tek, that is also known as a “supper omelette.” There’s also a salad that can only be found in East Java and it is made with Beef Lips: Rujak Cingur contains raw vegetables and fruits, like cucumber, pineapple, and young mango, kale, ‘bengkoang’ as well as the beef lip.

If it’s a taste of the luxe life that you want to try, the Hotel Majapahit is the destination of choice, with its high tea served in a beautiful colonial-style structure. Built in 1910, it features a lush garden, an 806-meter square presidential suite, several cafes and restaurants, all adorned with classic details such as gleaming white balustrades and columns.

For more information about Surabaya’s tourist spots visit https://www.indonesia.travel/gb/en/destinations/java/surabaya

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