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The Eddie Garcia Act in Congress

July 20, 2019

We got wind of the name of party-list candidate Michael “Mikee” Romero the last time he was introduced by one of his consultants, good friend and The Manila Times Chairman Emeritus Dante Ang Sr. to some members of the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), Caveat included. The venue was at Dulcinea, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Mikee, who was Philippine’s Top 50 Richest in 2013, then ran and won with an overwhelming vote as party representative for 1-Pacman (One Patriotic Coalition of Marginalized Nationals).

As backgrounder, Mikee partly owns the reclaimed North Harbor Center Port Terminal, now a billion-peso empire that makes sea travel convenient for more than three million annual seafarers. This includes lowering the cost of the plane fares for over seven million passengers annually through Air Asia.

His main campaign platform was aligned with social development advocacy groups that had distributed several thousand housing units to indigenous and marginalized sectors throughout the country including thousands of jobs created for the unemployed.

In the Q&A portion we then came to know Eddie Garcia was a stepdad, as his mom’s partner since 1986. The Batasan representative is now running 43.

It looked like showbiz also runs in Mikee’s blood by assimilation, having grown up with the very popular dear departed actor for a surrogate father.

Thus it seemed second skin to him at the time in his most charming way to commit to heart part of his campaign slogan to help uplift, in a manner of speaking, the problematic, dying if not dead mainstream movie industry.

The late Eddie Garcia accepting his Cinemalaya 2018 Best Actor award for ‘ML.’ FILE PHOTO

The promise sort of enthused himself more than the cynical reporters coming face-to- face with him who were used to hearing similar shopworn tropes in past election campaigns from highly driven candidates of showbiz wanting to prop up their fading careers including the ambitious ones even away from the periphery of showbiz.

Mikee then zeroed in on one of his proposals at hand to allot at least P10 billion a year out of which fork P1 to P2 billion into indie filmmaking ventures to make it potentially marketable both in the domestic and international fronts.

We deemed it was highly actable, but with what happened recently to his stepdad, Mikee crafted pronto The Eddie Garcia Bill 181 titled, “An Act creating an occupational and safety standards for the film, television and theater industry, otherwise known as the Eddie Garcia Act.”

Toward this end, the party list top honcho, who was once bestowed among others, “Godfather of Sports” by the Sportswriters Association of the Philippines and recently Outstanding Congressman of the country, said he hoped his stepfather’s death would be the last and that protocols be put in place to prevent similar accidents.

The said bill is getting unanimous endorsement from the Department of Labor, including all sectors of the movie, TV, theater and advertising industry.

* * *

GUESS WHO? This celebrated politician (CP) cannot travel abroad any longer by himself without tagging his equally celebrated wife from showbiz who has discovered that he has a wealthy gay benefactor somewhere over there.

Clue: CP belongs to the “trapo” category.

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