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‘Add orange to your diet’

August 22, 2019

With harvest season in full swing Down Under, the Australian Embassy in Manila has thrown its support behind a sweet, juicy and nutritious campaign inviting Filipinos to enjoy the country’s top produce straight from its southeast region.

Spearheaded by Hort Innovation Australia, project “Taste Australia” is bringing into the islands crates of Navel oranges “sourced only from the highest quality crops” through to its peak season in October.

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(From left) Australian Embassy Economic Counselor Nardia Simpson, Citrus Australia Market Access Manager David Daniels and Hilton Manila’s Executive Chef Dennis Leslie

At Taste Australia’s official launch, Hort Innovation’s head Dianne Phan noted she is thrilled to witness more and more Filipinos buying Australian fruits for their loved ones.

“The Philippines is one of Australia’s Top 10 export markets for Navel oranges, with over 5,000 tons exported every year. We are on our second year in sharing our oranges with Filipino consumers and we’re very pleased [at the turnout],” she elaborated.

Phan’s colleague David Daniels, market access manager at Citrus Australia, added, “Australian oranges are lovingly and carefully grown and we are proud to share Australia’s best produce with Filipinos. We encourage consumers to taste this vibrant fruit at major supermarket chains across Manila. Oranges aren’t just for snacking. Their versatility means they can be added to your savory and sweet recipes.”

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Oranges are the perfect addition to children’s lunchboxes or as a quick and easy snack on the run, since they are packed with antioxidants, fiber, folate and potassium.

Orange benefits

Famously known for their health benefits and soaring Vitamin C content, oranges contain natural flu-fighting properties, which may help in fending off nasty colds. Oranges are high in energy dense properties and are also known to assist in weight control, maintaining healthy blood pressure levels and a healthy heart.

Moreover, oranges are the perfect addition in children’s lunchboxes or as a quick and easy snack on the run since they are packed with antioxidants, fiber, folate and potassium.

An incredibly versatile fruit, oranges even make for a popular decorative addition to household fruit bowls to brighten up the table, or as a colorful flavoring to cocktails.

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Orange trivia

Did you know that the Navel orange variety is the seedless kind that is easy to peel to uncover very sweet juicy flesh. It was named so because of a small protrusion on one end of the fruit that resembles a human navel.

Bursting with “orange trivia” the delegation further shared with the local market tips on how to properly select the fruit and store it to retain its freshness and nutrient content.

– Make sure to select fruit that has bright orange skin, is firm, and feels heavy for its size.

– Avoid dry, wrinkled or softer looking oranges as they do not ripen further after harvest.

– Oranges can be stored for up to two weeks at room temperature, and longer when refrigerated.

– Store oranges unwashed as moisture on the skin can lead to mold.

– Either peel or wash oranges in cool water before slicing. If cutting, use a clean cutting board to prevent cross-contamination.

– Do not freeze oranges or store them below 3°C

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