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Anne Curtis — still sexy to the core

August 07, 2019

She may bring on the laughs as her sweet self-deprecating self on TV’s hit daily noontime program “It’s Showtime;” leave mouths wide open when she braves the most diva-esque songs with simultaneous acrobatics high above The Big Dome; or charmingly inspire women to look their best with her OOTDs on Instagram and makeup tutorials on YouTube. But no matter how A-list celebrity Anne Curtis refreshes, regales and rouses the public with her upbeat, energetic and lovable personality, she remains to be a most sensual actress at her core.

Anne, who started in showbiz in her tweens, says so herself, now busy promoting her return to the sexy drama genre via Viva Films’ “Just a Stranger” opposite lucky newcomer Marco Gumabao.

It can be recalled that after years and years of doing teen flicks and shows in a mix of leads and supporting roles, followed by rom-coms and ensemble movies in the late ‘90s through the first decade of the 2000s, it was her steamy love triangle with Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes in “No Other Woman” (2011) that first won for Anne a set of Best Actress trophies and triggered her ensuing box office success.

“As you know I did three movies last year that were all different from one another,” the 34-year-old A-lister recalled—the love story talkie “Sid and Aya,” hard action “Buy Bust” and thriller “Aurora” all in 2018.

Certainly fulfilled and satisfied to have explored her versatility in these well-received acting forays — both by critics and the public — Anne has no qualms in acknowledging that it is still in a daringly and emotionally charged role where her artistic chops are sharpest and most effective.

“That’s why I said when Just A Stranger’s trailer was about to come out that I’m very excited with this movie because it marks my return to my core in [the] sexy drama [genre],” she explained. “But of course, it isn’t just the sexiness of the movie that appeals to me but just like my past movies [in the genre] it’s the script and the riveting story that made me want to do this again.”

Anne Curtis — still sexy to the core 2
The actress has no qualms in acknowledging that it is still in a daringly and emotionally charged role where her artistic chops are sharpest and most effective.

Written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana (“The Day After Valentine’s,” “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”), Just A Stranger revolves around the story of a married woman who finds herself who is drawn into an illicit affair with much younger man despite her better judgement

Mae Pimentel (Anne) is in her mid-30s. Though stricken with Fibromyalgia [a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and sleep, memory and mood issues], she is not wanting in material things and can often go trips to relax and keep her symptoms at bay. Her husband Phil (Edu Manzano), a businessman, doesn’t seem to mind her travels since he has very little time for her.

Vacationing in the flamboyant city of Lisbon, Portugal, the lady of leisure meets Jericho “Jekjek” Esguerra (Marco), a 19-year-old privileged son of a Philippine ambassador. He is oozing with sex appeal and a charming personality, but lacking in maturity. He meets Mae just as his parents are on his case to be more responsible, and even as he has a girlfriend, so begins their May-December love affair.

Anne who has never done a movie as an older woman in a relationship — whether illicit or not — says she has long thought such a plot would challenge her. And as a true woman of the times — open, inclusive and therefore far from judgemental — she believes that May-December affairs, the reasons why they do happen, is another reality for movies to tell, not necessarily for everyone to accept but for society to somehow understand such relationships.

Anne Curtis — still sexy to the core 3
In ‘Just A Stranger,’ Anne Curtis stars in a May-December romance with Marco Gumabao.

“In fact, my husband is actually younger than me,” Anne laughed, her eyes twinkling. “I’m 34 and Erwan [Heussaff] is 32. But as they say, in love, age doesn’t matter kasi hindi mo naman matuturuan ang puso, so I can definitely see these relationships happening.”

Likewise, with the trailer more than hinting on the steamy scenes Anne and Marco had to do, director Laxamana clarified that the movie has no intentions of romanticizing illicit affairs.

“This drama will delve deeper into the personal stories of the characters to show the reasons behind their actions,” the young filmmaker emphasized.

Going back to Anne, The T-Zone asked if she felt a little awkward doing this sexy romance now that she is a happily married woman, and the half of an ever progressive couple candidly replied, “Erwan is very open about my work; he isn’t strict or anything like that. But yes, out of respect, I had him read the script so he knows what I have to do, and he found it so beautifully written too and as always was very supportive all the way.”

One thing Erwan shouldn’t be expected to do though is to attend the premiere night.

“He gets so awkward when the intimate scenes come up and he knows everyone’s looking at him even in the dark, so I think he’s going to skip that,” Anne ended with a chuckle.

Just a Stranger opens in cinemas nationwide on August 21.

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