August 15, 2019

From R&B to electronic music, 22-year-old singer/songwriter/producerCADE’s has gone from his living room piano in Tampa, Florida to the hills of Los Angeles where he now thrives and resides. This journey is what shaped this young creative into the versatile and innovative musician he is today.

In 2016, CADE broke through the music scene with his debut EP “Care,” quickly turning heads and garnering support from the likes of The Chainsmokers, Pia Mia, etc.

In 2017, he collaborated with pop trio, Cheat Codes, which resulted in the global smash hit “Pretty Girl – Cheat Codes X CADE Remix,” featuring the voice of Maggie Lindemann. Pretty Girl currently has over 550 million streams, earning CADE his first Platinums in the US and UK.

Following the remix, CADE and Cheat Codes wrote and released “Stay With You,” which drew almost 50 million streams.

“I think more than anything, we just really have a great vibe together. We’ve always been creating music together and get along as friends which really helps in my opinion. It makes for a comfortable vibe… and there’s something about that which really comes across in every record,” CADE told Music Geek when asked about his collaboration with Cheat Codes.

CADE followed up the global hit with another in the summer titled, “Warning Sign.” Shortly after, he signed his first exclusive record deal with Ultra Music.

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Inspired by R&B and EDM, the young creative became the versatile and innovative musician he is today.

Now, with over 4.7 million monthly listeners, CADE continues to reach a wide audience by supporting artists such Jeremih, Mike Posner besides Cheat Codes, and performing at festivals and venues around the world.

He released his latest single “Yours” on August 2. He‘s been working tirelessly on his debut album, “Wolf Blue” which will be out this October.

“My single ‘Yours’ is about giving everything that I have for love. I’ve basically done a bunch of studio work, sessions that are amazing and working with talented songwriters and producers. But this record, is the one that came together completely by myself in the studio. I think there’s something about that that makes it [a] more authentic and an honest record. It feels like it’s true to who I am and it’s gonna come across,” CADE said.

Music Geek recently had a phone interview with this American singer/songwriter/producer from Singapore where he was doing promos. Thanks to the efforts of Juliet Tan of Ultra Music for the Q&A below.

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American singer-songwriter producer CADE

Where do you draw your inspiration for your innovative music?

I just enjoy inspiration from nature. Absolutely with this new album that I’m working on called “Wolf Blue”. It is all based around being in the woods. I went out to the forest and spent a week there without any distraction from my phone. It really allowed to figure out who I am as an artist and decide where I wanna take this next project.

Did you expect “Pretty Girl” to reach 550 million streams on Spotify and be so successful?

I don’t think anyone can say that they would expect that much success and that many streams on a record. I definitely have the feeling and I believe that Cheat Codes was it too, that the remix is great. We really love Maggie (Lindemann) when we did the song “Pretty Girl” originally. It was cool that we put a spin on it because I think more than anything we just thought to be able to take that record and that vocal and bring to a club vibe especially with the lyrics during a time of woman empowerment and lots of girls experiencing being in “me too” movement. So it started to make sense to people and connected it on a different level. Not that we expected it but we were proud on the work we created and it was the coolest thing.

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Having experienced anxiety, this 22-year-old musician treats music as an escape.

How was it working with Maggie Lindemann in that hit?

Maggie is awesome. She is really talented and it’s cool to hear her sing too. The new music that she has been putting out like her collaboration with Travis Barker. It’s really helping showcase her in a new light. It was great working with Maggie. Cheat Codes and I think giving her the collaboration was an amazing experience.

Any dream collaborations or any artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

My dream collaboration is Drake. But I’ve been working on a collaboration with Dvbbs that I’m really excited about. The guys of Dvbbs are friends of us and really cool DJs. They inspire me a lot.

What is it about R&B that you like to mix with electronic music?

More than anything, I grew up playing the piano and guitar. In general the melodies of R&B have always been special to me. I like it when Drake would do a chill, melodic R&B vibe. I’ve always like The Weeknd’s stuff also. It’s cool to be able to merge those soulful, emotional and melodic vocals with electronic production. So that is just what makes me push this future R&B movement. It’s a way that nobody’s truly covering in a way that I wanna cover it.

What can we expect from your album “Wolf Blue?” When will it come out?

That is gonna come out in October. You can expect a really futuristic, next-level vibe. I will singing in all the records. I’ve worked with some amazing people along the way. You can expect great energy, different melodies and a lot of influence from all the guys in the electronic scene and new stuff that I’ve grown on as a kid. Everything to John Mayer to John Legend and Drake.

What do you consider the highlight of your career so far?

Performing in Chicago was incredible. To see so many people going hard with music, that was definitely a highlight. Aside from that I really just love being with the fans. It’s really cool to meet a couple of fans, changed by the music and it’s cool to see the reactions. It’s just to connect people with my music from the other side of the world. It’s really crazy coming in like people just getting engrossed in music and relate to changing their lives and changing mine.

Who are your musical influences growing up and now?

It’s everything from John Ma­yer, David Guetta, Tiesto, John Legend, Drake, The Weeknd. I like every genre. I take inspiration from a lot but I think that’s what makes my music a cool mix is I grew up listening to electronic and dance music. My brother got me into those at a really early age.

What is music to you?

Music to me is my escape. I experienced anxiety, I always have. Socially, it is something that I deal with. I don’t think I can just function properly without music as an outlet. Music to me is something that I need in my life. It is something that I’m passionate about. That’s what music is to me. It’s a necessity.

How do you keep yourself grounded?

I think it’s remembering that there’s more to life than social media or what kind of experiences you are living. I really have a family that I love and care about. Keep close friends and family and a good support system around you to take care of you.

Any plans for you to come to the Philippines?

Absolutely, I would love to come to the Philippines. Maybe sooner.

Message to your fans over here?

I’m so grateful for the love and support the Philippines shows me. Just know that I’m not stopping anytime soon. Music is coming and it’s coming in hot!

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