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Delicious blends for a treat

August 22, 2019

Taking inspiration from the busy streets of Thailand, where the milk tea culture is a serious affair, Baa Baa Thai Tea opened its banner branch on Panay Avenue, Quezon City, highlighting a 20-seater hub with a cheerful and spirited ambiance.

Delicious blends for a treat 1
‘Eat Bulaga’s’ Baeby Baste (rightmost) is enjoying the newest Thai drink in town with brother Samsam and mom Sheila.

An industry purveyor for 10 years, Chef-founder Joe de Ramos wanted to introduce a local tea concept that’s feel-good and inspiring. Baa Baa is a term of endearment that implies closeness or relationship, and their goal is to imbibe a lifestyle concept where one can enjoy and celebrate with people that matter.

Made of strongly brewed, good-quality black tea that’s sweetened with sugar and condensed milk, Baa Baa uses the Bain Marie method which makes each cup delicately delicious and fresher for longer. A type of heated bath that creates a uniform taste by producing a gentle heat, it also keeps the silky texture consistent.

Eventually, all stores will be showcasing the pulling method, known as te tahrik, which is a delicate process of transferring the tea between cups. Considered an art form and a sensational part of the tea experience, this ceremonial process is designed to heighten the excitement as one witness the final touches of milk tea creation.

Delicious blends for a treat 2
Baa Baa uses the Bain Marie method in tea-making, which is a type of heated bath.

All branches will be offering soon Thailand’s popular Roti snack, a flaky pan-fried flat bread with crisp edges that pairs well with milk teas. A promising signature favorite, this treat will surely take anyone to the streets of Thailand where one can only think of is its heavenly food (and beverage) experience that’s guaranteed to spark happiness in the simplest moments.

“We’ve seen the resurgence of international chains, so I just knew that it’s not dwindling soon. While we don’t rely on the hype, I was inspired to bring this to the country as this is a drink that’s typically enjoyed by people of all ages in Thailand. Since it’s considered a staple and a ubiquitous find, price points are affordable while ensuring that consumers will only experience its authentic, precise, and freshest flavor,” said Ramos.

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