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Recto eyes solar panels in all govt buildings

August 13, 2019

SENATE President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto wants all government buildings to install solar energy system to reduce utility costs and develop renewable energy (RE) resources.

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The senator filed Senate Bill (SB) 48, which requires the establishment of solar energy system that will have the capacity to supply 50 percent of the electric power requirements of government offices.

SB 48 aims to supply 10 percent of the power supply of government offices or buildings on the first year of the effectivity of the measure.

This will gradually increase annually for five years until it has reached the capacity to supply 50 percent of the power requirements of all government offices and buildings.

“Solar energy systems do not require extraction activities like large-scale mining or drilling which bring about negative environmental impacts,” Recto said.

“It does not generate greenhouse gases such as carbon and methane nor emit particulates that are the bane of fossil fuels,” he added.

“Most important, solar panels can be installed on rooftops and designated areas without disrupting activities or dislocating electric power consumers,” the senator said.

Solar energy is the most abundant RE resource that can be installed to generate power at a faster rate unlike fossil fuel-based power plants, which require a minimum three to five years of gestation period.

Recto said SB 48 does not preclude the expansion of existing solar energy systems installed in government buildings and offices.

The bill seeks to mandate the Department of Public Works and Highways, in coordination with the Department of Energy, to construct RE systems in and retrofit government buildings and offices, by installing solar energy systems.

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