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An emerging indie director from Bulacan

September 21, 2019

With the aggressive leadership of the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) under Chairman/CEO Liza Diño, the cultural hubs in the provinces all throughout the country have more than ever shown sharper interest in bringing to national consciousness the heroism and patriotism of their respective local heroes and heroines.

Take the case of the Provincial History, Arts, Culture and Tourism Office (PHACTO) of Bulacan, it is now on its most fruitful third year of Sineliksik Docufest under the mandate of new Gov. Daniel Fernando.

Just last week, Caveat was privy to the launch of “Paglulunsad Ng Aklat, Kumperensya at Eksibit” held at Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo, Provincial Capitol Compound, Malolos.

The event was short of a reunion for Gov. Daniel Fernando and emerging Bulakenya auteur director Geraldine “Gee” Herrera. Her work was annotated in the second volume of a coffee table book titled Sineliksik 2018 at said launch.

The governor and the auteue director met last time in 2006 when she won grand champion for her first documentary on Bulacan billed “Dugo Sa Iyo’y Alay” while he was one of the judges.

In their early career in showbiz Gov. Da­niel and Director Gee have worked under the pioneering Balintataw TV and Theater Productions of the Philippine Center for International Theater Institute-UNESCO, then hosted by Cecile Guidote-Alvarez.

Director Geraldine ‘Gee’ Herrera

Also her docufilm billed “Ina Ng Biak Na Bato: Isang Inspirasyon” on the heroic life of Trinidad Tecson is anthologized in said book under Sineliksik Bulacan Docufes 2019 with the theme “Bayani Ng Kanyang Panahon, Inspirasyon Natin Ngayon.” This was co-produced under her own outfit Maestra Viajes Productions.

Said docufilm also earned her the Special Award for Women Empowerment. Her past work includes an indie film titled “Santos” for Cine Republica filmfest dealing on the heroic life of Dr. Luis Santos during World War 2.

Director Gee’s earlier Sineliksik docufilm entry was also anthologized in 2017 Volume 1 book titled “Una (Kaganapan Sa Malolos).

According to Director Gee, Trinidad Tecson aside from being an unrelenting woman revolutionary of her time, was also renowned for her skills in making use of an indigenous martial art called arnis.

By the way, arnis is the country’s National Martial Art and Sport under R. A.9850 as enacted by former Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

What does this act of reliving lives of local heroes and a heroine like Trinidad Tecson amount to?

Director Gee Herrera’s answer is translated to doing a couple of serious short films in-progress on single motherhood and bullying in schools produced by Dan M. Dy, founder and chairman of Montessori Professional College of Asia (MPCA).

* * *

GUESS WHO? After Angie Ferro won Best Actress Award for “ Lola Igna” at the last Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino by Director Eduardo “Edong” Roy, Jr.,a flashback of her volatile character came out gamely at the after-party.

She once embarrassed a hot matinee film/teleserye idol (FTI) of his time who was too upfront for comfort in sidling up to her on the set to demand, “ Tita, can we throw lines?” Angie, in her classic flaring eyes, hands akimbo and scary resonating voice retorted, “Who are you?”

Speechless FTI backed off in shame and fear.

Clue: FTI has long totally bowed out of showbiz.

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