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‘Art 2 Art’ presents episodes for September

September 08, 2019

“Art 2 Art” continues to give insights into Philippine art and culture and the artist’s life in its episodes airing in September.

Last September 1, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) vice president and artistic director Chris Millado talked about the activities marking the 50th anniversary of the premiere arts institution which begin in September. Macuja recalled some of her own experiences as CCP’s first artist-in-residence after coming back from Russia in 1986.

‘Art 2 Art’ presents episodes for September 1
‘Art 2 Art’ presents episodes for September 2
‘Art 2 Art’ presents episodes for September 3
‘Art 2 Art’ presents episodes for September 4

Today, Dr. Nim Gonzalez traces his journey from the priesthood to a healing ministry, which he also recounts in his forthcoming book Confessions of an Ex-Jesuit.

On September 15, dancer-choreographer Myra Beltran relates how the CCP Choreographers Series has been shaping the next generation of artists in dance.

On September 22, musical theater artist Kayla Rivera – who grew up in Canada – shares plans of further exploring her options in Philippine entertainment.

Finally, on September 29, representatives of the multi-awarded Teatro Ambahanon discuss how their contemporary dance group has been thriving in General Santos City since 1998.

Produced by the Manila Broadcasting Company and hosted by “Ballerina ng Bayan” Lisa Macuja, Art 2 Art airs every Sunday, 3:30 to 4 p.m., on radio via DZRH, on cable television via RHTV and livestreaming at http://dzrhnews The show may also be viewed via the Facebook account DZRH News Television.

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