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‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Brutal rose rejection among most cringeworthy moments in show history

September 11, 201911:13 am
Updated:September 11, 20195:24 pm

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Brutal rose rejection among most cringe-worthy moments in show history

On Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise, host Chris Harrison decided to cancel the cocktail party ahead of the final rose ceremony.

In one of the most cringeworthy moments in Bachelor in Paradise history, Bri Barnes rejected Luke Stone’s rose.

“Bri, I know we haven’t had as much time to talk but I want to get to know you more and I trust you. And I think that I want to use the rest of this time to get to know you better. Will you accept this rose?” Stone asked Barnes.

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“Honestly, I came here to find love and a relationship and I just don’t think that I see that with you,” she told him. “Knowing what this rose represents, I can’t say yes to that. I’m sorry.”

“OK, that’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Stone responded.

“Well, this has never happened before,” Harrison said as he went to stand beside Stone at the front of the rose ceremony.

“So Bri turned down the rose. Is there anyone else that would like Luke’s rose tonight? Anyone?” Harrison asked.

After no one stepped forward, Harrison told Stone: “Alright, unfortunately, you’re not in a relationship. Say your goodbyes.”

“I’m fine, actually. I think I made the right decision. I mean, that’s Paradise. You can’t assume it’s going to work out, especially coming down halfway through,” Stone told the camera.

“The only other difference is that I could have just gone home. But I actually wanted to make sure with Bri,” he said.

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Bachelor Nation took to Twitter to discuss the cringeworthy moment.

OMG, epic tragedy! Luke: "Will you accept this rose?" Bri: "Yeah… No." Chris: "Does anyone want Luke's rose? Anyone?" #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/viYgU6yjFR

— Not That Brianna (@NotThatBrianna) September 11, 2019

When Bri declined Luke’s #BIP rose pic.twitter.com/H59PkhaaPi

— carls jr (@carly_harlan) September 11, 2019

Chris Harrison: these roses signify commitment

Luke: Bri, we haven’t talked and we know nothing about each other. Will you accept this rose?


— Jocelyn (@jawsolyn) September 11, 2019

Bri to Luke’s rose #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/gyxeiIJUIT

— Maddie Small (@bigbadmads) September 11, 2019

Whew, Bri just did Luke dirty on Bachelor in Paradise! I’m shook! 😂

— George Hornedo (@GeorgeHornedo) September 11, 2019

Damn Bri just threw that rose back at Luke @BachParadise#bitchinboutbachpic.twitter.com/vvFnNfPPWY

— BitchinBoutBach (@BitchinBoutBach) September 11, 2019

Luke: Will you accept this rose?

Bri: pic.twitter.com/zmj3KrddBM

— Meg Button (@megbutton) September 11, 2019

Bri when Luke tried to give her a rose 😂 #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/i5cv6zvzwD

— BillyT23 (@Mellow1981) September 11, 2019

My face when Luke tried to give his rose to Bri (bc what, why?) and then she rejected him https://t.co/sUBQRuantx

— Emily (@ewebb612) September 11, 2019

Bri declining Luke’s rose…#BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/k8Sll7GfUM

— Shelby (@ShelbyGray_) September 11, 2019

everyone after Luke’s rejection #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/Lu7srNoOvb

— steph (@roflsteph) September 11, 2019

Barnes later accepted Matt Donald’s rose, leaving Sydney Lotuaco alone. Lotuaco was sent home after the rose ceremony.

Barnes had second thoughts about accepting Donald’s rose the following morning.

“Honestly, I’m feeling a little bit like you made the wrong decision by giving me the rose,” Barnes told Donald, who kept referring to her as a “supermodel.”

Matt: “I really connect with Sydney on a deeper level”

Matt: “But Bri is a Supermodel”

Matt: *gives Bri the rose*#BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/pSkUGMfmcG

— Sabrina (@sabrinaa623) September 11, 2019

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“I feel like you see the exterior of me but I want to be chosen because you know things about my heart and the person that I am. I can’t see this going father,” Barnes said, ending her time with Donald.

Fans of the show had some thoughts about Barnes rejecting Donald as well.

Bri leaving paradise after dumping both Matt Donald and Luke S #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/wmDgaGPhWz

— Let's Chat Bachelor (@bach_chat) September 11, 2019

Bri rejecting Luke’s rose, but then dumping Matt after she accepted his rose?? What?

— kiersten (@kierstengreen__) September 11, 2019

Ok so Bri denies Luke’s rose cause she doesn’t feel a connection, only to turn around and accept Matt’s rose even though she tells him literally the next morning that she thinks he made a mistake and should’ve chose Sydney basically…girl get lost #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/BmZVy20LSG

— Katelyn Lenkei (@kslenkei12) September 11, 2019

Matt after Bri dumped him #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/sfVG8e1Td5

— Amanda Orr (@amandakokesh) September 11, 2019

Matt: me and Sydney connect on like a deep level, but Bri is a supermodel

*chooses Bri*

Sydney and Bri:#BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/yG5BUzLXNi

— Celia Farrell (@celialouisee) September 11, 2019

Bri rejecting Matt Donald for only choosing her for her looks #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/lPWKW7pCCv

— Mariah Morash (@MariahMorash) September 11, 2019


— da melk (@fewterer) September 11, 2019

I knew Bri was going to dump Matt like a hot potato! #BachelorInParadisepic.twitter.com/vYhoJP6O4I

— Terry N (@rockinchick66) September 11, 2019

When Bri tells Matt that he should have picked Sydney, but she had no problem denying Luke’s rose: #bachelorinparadise#bippic.twitter.com/0BGcbEVl6F

— Monica (@monitweetstrash) September 11, 2019

Bachelor in Paradise‘s three-hour Season 6 finale airs Sept. 17 at 8 p.m.

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