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‘Dorian’ death toll hits 44

September 10, 2019

TORONTO: The government in the Bahamas says the death toll from Hurricane “Dorian” has risen by one to 44. Health Minister Duane Sands on Sunday confirmed the toll in a WhatsApp message to The Associated Press.

Officials have warned that the number of deaths is likely to rise, as security forces and other teams search devastated areas of the northern Bahamas.

The government also announced a telephone hotline, where Bahamians can call to report family members who have been unaccounted for since the storm.

At least five deaths have been blamed on the storm in the Southeastern US and one in Puerto Rico.

Bahamas officials added that more than 900 members of the Bahamian police and military were on Abaco and Grand Bahama Islands to help with hurricane relief.

The government also said 120 Jamaican security personnel arrived in the Bahamas on Saturday evening and 100 troops from Trinidad and Tobago were to arrive Sunday as part of the aid effort in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

The Bahamas said large numbers of security forces from Britain and the US are already involved in search, rescue and recovery operations.

The government added at least 43 people died in the storm, but authorities are still trying to reach some areas that were cut off by flooding and debris.

About 250 people, who lost their homes when Hurricane Dorian hit the northern Bahamas, have arrived in the Bahamian capital after a 13-hour trip on a government-chartered ferry.


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