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From finance to calligraphy: Izzay Mascardo Bautista builds the best of both worlds

September 15, 2019


“You need a hobby,” is a common suggestion that I hear from my husband on a daily basis. As a recovering workaholic, I still have the tendency to take my work with me everywhere I go so my husband thinks it’s important for me to create a hobby to take my mind off things.

While I argued that I am constantly reading and writing, he suggested that maybe I can pick up a hobby that would require me to take my mind off anything that requires me to think.

Because my brain is wired to research and learn new things by listening to other people’s stories, I got in touch with an old friend who works in the field of investment banking but is also pursuing calligraphy outside of work.

I have known Izzay Mascardo Bautista since we were 11 and seatmates in Colegio San Agustin, Makati. She was extremely smart and diligent so it was no surprise to me to see her soar in the field of finance.

A graduate of BS Mathematics from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Izzay’s career path led her to a job that allowed her to nurture and grow her love for math,

“I start and end my day in front of the computer, crunching numbers, shifting from one Excel spreadsheet to the next. I have always loved math and being in this field feels like I am right where I belong.”

And while she is passionate about her day job, Izzay needed a break from her “home-and-office” routine. “I have always been fascinated with calligraphy because of how beautiful the letters look. Four years ago, I signed up for a calligraphy workshop just out of curiosity. I thought it was a good place to start if I wanted to learn that style of writing.”

The class she took left an impression on Izzay and presented a new challenge that she happily took on, “It was really fun. It reminded me of writing classes back in grade school where we had books to practice cursive. To be honest, it was more difficult than I thought. It required learning how to write differently with special writing tools. It was a struggle at first but after months of practice and lots of ink and paper used, I finally got the hang of it.”

Izzay soon felt confident enough to take upon her first project that proved to be special, “My first project was for my own wedding invitations because I thought it would add a nice personal touch.”

Izzay Mascardo Bautista

This led to an opportunity for Izzay teach others about calligraphy, “My husband and his friends have a hobby shop/café that they frequent, and they encouraged me to hold a workshop there. It was very scary and I did not want to do it because I wasn’t sure I was even qualified to teach others but with the gentle push from my husband, I was able to do it and it became something that I really enjoyed.”

Izzay, whose work ethic has always been impeccable, soon turned her hobby into something profitable, “Aside from workshops, I now have clients who book me to write their wedding invitations. It’s quite fulfilling actually, knowing that all this started from a simple interest to learn a new hobby.”

When asked how important it was to have a hobby, Izzay notes, “I think a hobby plays an important role in having a well-balanced life. It allows you to break the cycle of your daily routine. When life gets exhausting, it’s good to have an outlet that can relieve stress. Having a hobby that can be profitable is a just bonus. What matters more is learning something new, enjoying it, and embracing the vast possibilities that may come with it.”

To know more about Izzay, you may see her work on Instagram @lettersbyizzay.



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