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Kyline’s meaningful 17th birthday

September 06, 2019

No big parties, no extravagant celebrations. That’s how La Nueva Diva Kyline Alcantara opted to celebrate her 17th birthday on September 3. Instead of a party, she opted to spend her birthday with orphaned and abandoned children at SOS Children’s Villages south of the metro.

It wasn’t Kyline’s first visit to the orphanage. Early this year, she had the chance to meet the children there and has since had them in her thoughts.

“I feel for them,” she confessed. “Imagine, growing up in this world without parents. But one thing that I admire in that faci­lity is that there are surrogate parents for the children.”

The surrogate parents are men and women who stay with the children in each of the six houses of SOS village. They are assigned volunteers who supervise the kids, do the chores with them and guide them just like any regular parents. That way, the children grow up with adults to look up to and raised like regular members of a family and society.

Kyline’s meaningful 17th birthday 2
Kyline Alcantara spent her special day at an orphanage.

So on the afternoon of her birthday, Kyline surprised the kids who were so excited to see ther Ate Kyline again. She brought food and gifts and played games with them.

“I’m very fortunate because I grew up with a complete family who are all so supportive of me. And since the Lord has been blessing me with so much in my career, I’d like to share my blessings with the children and see them happy,” Kyline enthused.

Meanwhile, to celebrate with family and close friends, Kyline had a what she thought was a usual birthday dinner on Friday. She was thrilled however when her brothers who are studying in the province surprised her mid-way through the night.

“Napasigaw ako at naiyak. I wasn’t expecting them to come. Sabi kasi nila, hindi sila makakarating kasi may exams. I was already feeling sad tapos biglang nandiyan na sila,” Kyline shared.

Staying for the rest of the weekend, Kyline spent as much time as she could with her brothers and even took them to “Sunday Pinasaya” before they returned to Bicol that evening.

“I really fun while my two kuyas were here. Na-enjoy ko ang kulitan namin.”

Kyline’s meaningful 17th birthday 3
The TV star with her two brothers Ken and Robin Alcantara

Truly happy to receive so much love during her birthday week, Kyline also told Showbuzz she was touched when on the set of “Starstruck,” the Top 6 artistas of the reality search and the whole production team surprised her with cakes and a birthday song.

“Masaya lahat and we finished taping early,” recalled Kyline.

As the search nears its conclusion, Kyline is raring to find out who the Ultimate Survivor will be just like the rest of the viewers.

“I feel very excited because I know the competition is so tight. All of the finalists are very good and already have their own fans. I’ve come to know all of them and I’m close to them already. I have personal favorites but I won’t name them. I just wish they all become big stars.”

After Starstruck, Kyline will be busy promoting her movie “Black Lipstick” which is set for release on October 9. Those who have seen the rushes predict it’s saying a potential box-office hit.

“I can’t wait to see the mo­vie. Gusto kong makita ‘yung transition ng character ko from si Ikay na pangit at binu-bully to Jessie na maganda at sikat sa campus. I’m sure mage-enjoy ang mga tao sa movie,” Kyline guaranteed.


The first day of September last Sunday meant only one thing to Filipinos — the Christmas season has started. And there only seems to be one song that officially announces it’s Christmas — Jose Mari Chan’s “Christmas In Our Hearts.” Easily one of the most famous Filipino Christmas songs of the times.

Given his trademark yuletide tunes, people have started calling Joe “King of Christmas Carols,” but he refuses to accept the title.

Kyline’s meaningful 17th birthday 4

Showbuzz with Jose Mari Chan

“I am not a king. I am just the little drummer boy who heralds the coming of the Messiah, the King of Kings. I am just using the talent the Lord gave me to ascribe to Him all the praises, honor and glory,” Joe said with all humility.

Christmas In Our Hearts is of course part of Joe’s Christmas album “Going Home to Christmas.” When he guested on GMA Network’s morning program Unang Hirit, he gave out CDs to the hosts and production team.

Joe was just so happy to see so many other staffers from other shows suddenly flocking to the studio just to listen to his Christmas songs. He was ever so kind as well to stay after he sang to spend time with everyone. Of course, there were endless selfies with the King of Christmas Carols. Thank you Jose Mari Chan!

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