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Making the world a kinder place – one step at a time

September 15, 2019

Distillery launches Acts of Random Kindness movement with specialty wine

Envisioned to promote, encourage and motivate people to perform small acts of kindness wherever they are, and post and share when they find people doing deeds of kindness on social media, Emperador Distillers Inc. launched its new brand, Barefoot Wines, on a different note.

Held at the Gourmet Gypsy Art Cafe in Quezon City, the media launch of the specialty wine brand from California known for its distinctly fun personality also launched a social media movement advocating kindness and positive change — The Barefoot ARK (Acts of Random Kindness).

In helping others amid darkness, a glimmer of light shines from kindness.

Netizens are encouraged to post and share when they find people doing good deeds on social media pages. The distillery also enjoins everyone to participate in its monthly search for ARK of the Month where acts of random kindness posted on social media may be nominated to win prizes.

A kinder world beginning with small steps

With all-around bad news of cruelty, crime, wars and climate change, people veer toward wine for a little positivity. This is where the California wine brand comes in by creating massive positive change starting with little acts of kindness.

Just a little kind word here, a kind deed there, all build up to snowball and create the kind of world people would all be happy to live in.

Through the Barefoot ARK page on Facebook and Instagram, followers and volunteers are encouraged to do, post and share acts of random kindness.

While deeds help brighten one person, creature or community’s life, posting and sharing these deeds help make social media a better place for the whole netizenry — brightening feeds, encouraging others to do the same, and helping people know that despite the darkness there is a glimmer of light created by kind people everywhere.

Exclusively distributed by S&R Membership Shopping, Barefoot Wines brings with it its tradition of worthy causes to the Philippines, beginning with the ARK movement.

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