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Meeting ‘Lola Igna’

September 14, 2019

Cinemalaya 2019 Best Director awardee Eduardo Roy, Jr. believes he made the perfect choice in casting veteran actress Angie Ferro for the lead role of the feisty grandmother in his latest movie “Lola Igna,” an entry to the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino which started screening in cinemas nationwide yesterday.

Direk Edong said he really wanted Ferro to play the lead in this story of a 118-year-old grandmother who is prepared to die but whose neighbors are ecstatic with the idea of Lola Igna being proclaimed as the oldest grandmother alive. In the process, Lola Igna gets to meet her grandchild, played by Yve Flores, a blogger who latches on to her fame. The two reconnect and the movie follows their journey.

At the press conference of Lola Igna, Ferro praised Direk Edong and his production team for taking good care of her during the shoot.

“Sa tagal ko sa showbiz, I would say they have an excellent production. Mahusay ang mga tao. Ang pagkain ng lahat ay pare-pareho, di katulad ng iba rin ang pagkain ng sikat sa hindi sikat,” said the veteran actress.

She also praised her co-stars, Yves Flores and Royce Cabrera, who play her two great-great grandsons in the flick. “Mahuhusay sila at mga guwapo pa,” she added.

She related Direk Edong went to her house to personally offer her the role of Lola Igna. She said she had a wonderful experience working with her director who also wrote the script. “Maganda ang kwento kasi hango sa totoong buhay. Natutuwa ako na mayroon akong pelikula. Nalulungkot ako pag wala akong pelikula kasi dapat ang aktres ay umaarte. Marami tayong mahuhusay na matatandang artista,” she added.

Director Eduardo Roy, Jr.and veteran actress Angie Ferro

She further said she isn’t pressured her movie is in competition in the PPP. “Why should I be pressured? I didn’t join the festival to win an award. I just want to work. I am happy to be given a chance to act because I am an actress. Ang artista dapat umaarte.”

* * *

We enjoyed watching “The Panti Sisters,” the new movie of Direk Jun Lana, starring Paolo Ballesteros, Martin del Rosario, and Christian Bables.

Cinema 7 of SM Megamall roared with laughter at the movie’s premiere on Tuesday which had Paolo, Martin and Christian walking the red carpet in their fabulous gowns.

We’re sure that everyone who attended the premiere enjoyed because it was really very entertaining. It boasts of good performances from lead stars to the supporting cast led by John Arcilla, Carmi Martin, Rosanna Roces, and Joross Gamboa.

Direk Jun Lana also wrote a beautiful script that touches on family and acceptance. If you had fun with “Die Beautiful” and “Born Beautiful,” The Panti Sisters is another delightful movie.

The Panti Sisters is now showing in cinemas nationwide as part of PPP 2019.

* * *

RK Bagatsing is excited with the release of “Cuddle Weather,” his first mainstream movie under Regal Entertainment where he is paired with Sue Ramirez.

His last film was Apolcalypse Child and when he was offered the lead role in Cuddle Weather, he didn’t think twice and accepted it right away. It his first lead role after doing mostly teleseryes on TV.

“Masaya ang shoot namin. Mapapatawa naming kayo. Mapapakilig namin kayo and at the end of the day, kung gusto mo gumaan ang pakiramdam mo, kung gusto mo na may magpatibok sa puso mo, ito ang movie na dapat ninyong panoorin,” said RK of the film directed by Rod Marmol. “I am sure that after watching the movie, you will be inspired.”

Just like Ram, the sex worker he is playing in the film, each one of us is also experiencing struggles everyday but we are not aware of the kind of struggle a person is having.

“Here in Cuddle Weather, we were given the chance to know some of the sex workers and what they are going through. We had a peek into their lives. Maybe for us, if we say prostitute or sex worker, we only think about sex. But after doing this movie, my perspective about sex workers changed. I understood their plight and why do they engage in such work.”

Cuddle Weather is also showing as part of PPP 2019.

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