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My Brother Carl

September 08, 2019

When I was a fourth-grade student in St. Paul College Pasig, I often found solace in the small chapel on the first floor of the grade school building. My parents would often drop me off early which meant I had all the time in the world. But instead of playing with other kids, the overly sensitive child (a.k.a. me) spent time throwing hand written notes at the foot of the crucifix, hoping against hope that God would answer her prayers.

My Brother Carl 1

I forgot most of the prayers I penned as a child except for one: that I would be blessed with a best friend. Just like in movies, I knew that a best friend was a vital part of growing up. Having a true-blue loyal friend was significant in the telling of one’s story and I often dreamt of friendship bracelets, parties, and make over montages just like in the movie.

And while I have had the opportunity to have valuable friends over the years, my answered prayer came in the form of my little brother, Carl.

Coming from a close-knit family, my brother and I, five years apart, spent every waking moment together. My dad would always remind me to this day to always take care of my little brother and that as the older sibling, I always had to protect him, a role I take to heart with the vigor of a warrior, a klutzy warrior, but still a warrior nonetheless.

At an early age, we walked hand-in-hand and faced the bullies of life – I was his ardent protector and him, mine.

My Brother Carl 2
Carl Ravanes

The bullies have changed from mean playmates on the playground to two-faced characters in a novel. Sometimes the bully was called life and yet my brother and I held on to each other, fighting everything from fat to fear, knowing that we could overcome anything as long as we stick together.

The hardest part of entering new seasons of life is leaving the familiar behind. Being able to fight the world’s demons side-by-side was no longer a possibility – we were now oceans apart, separated by time zones and held together by technology.

My baby brother stood up for me during one of the most trying seasons of my life and just like he did all my life, he held me up and cheered me on until I could walk and run the race on my own again. Despite the time difference, we became closer than ever and our bond forged even deeper – truly no one else in the world will understand us the way we understand each other.

My Brother Carl 3
A family that has fun together stays together.

He is my person, and daily I am reminded that God answers prayers but never in ways we think He would – He always answers them better than we would expect.So today, on his birthday, I celebrate my brother Carl for all he is to me and to the world. I thank you for all that you are and most of all, I am proud of you for waking up each day to fight for your dream. You are where you are for a reason and for a purpose because with our God, nothing just happens.

Happy birthday, baba! You are God’s gift to the world, especially to me, and He created you with a wonderful purpose in mind. I am who I am because of your love that never gives up and your faith that always perseveres.

May you give yourself the same love and may you continue to hope against hope that you are in the middle of a wonderful story that is unfolding. This will be your brightest season yet.



1 – Carl Ravanes

2 – A family that have fun together stays together – despite the distance.

Credit belongs to : www.manilatimes.net


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