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YouTube hones NextUp Manila 2019 winners as online sensations

September 14, 2019

With everything going digital now, YouTube still holds precedence as the very first platform that opened doors for people around the world to establish their careers in mainstream entertainment. And they haven’t stopped ever since.

Owned by the world’s most popular search engine, Google, the video-sharing website has also made superstars and millionaires out of the following or subscribers of their channels. These creators earn advertising revenue from Google AdSense, a program which targets ads according to site content.

NextUp 2017 alumna Renee Dominique

Setting aside the revenue, creators get unlimited freedom (except those against community guidelines like copyright infringement) to sync into YouTube’s mission, which is “to give everyone a voice and show them the world.”

Filipinos, being the most expressive and probably the most free people in showing the world what they’ve got, had made YouTube their favorite platform. Google took notice of this, even when India was on top of the list of the most number of creators. Thus in 2017, YouTube launched NextUp — a motivational program where chosen creators are mentored and honed to create better videos, get more subscribers and take their channel to the next level.

To date, it has launched some of the country’s successful creators like Renee Dominique, Benedict Cua, Team Lyqa, Hype Streetball, Lesha, Elle Uy and Nate Punzalan among others.

2019 winners

On September 4, YouTube unveiled the winners of NextUp Manila 2019, giving Filipino creators a chance to realize their full potential and help them elevate their YouTube career through a contest from hundreds of thousands of entrants.

This year’s circle features a diverse set of emerging talents including a law student, farmer, seafarer, home-based professional, celebrity and music artists who are ready to make more meaningful and relevant content online.

YouTube executives in full force at NextUp Manila 2019: (from left) Pablo Mendoza, Enrique Cu Unjieng, Chris Klapwijk, Vishal Sarin, Marc Lefkowitz, Soraya Umewaka and Mistry Iyengar.
YouTube NextUp Manila Class of 2019 (clockwise from top left): Kuys Kiko, Mark More, Dwight Tamayo, Lex in Motion, Chief MAKOi, Caleb Santos, Charlotte F., Nadia Montenegro, Raya Maurelle, Rea Ninja, Reese Lansangan and Aileene.CONTRIBUTED PHOTOS

Leading the winners are indie powerhouse Reese Lansangan, law student Lex in Motion, poultry farmer from Bicol Dwight Tamayo, cycling enthusiast Mark More, Cebuana corporate employee-turned-content creator Rea Ninja, talented entertainer Charlotte F. and free-spirited men’s beauty guru Kuys Kiko.

Also in the roster of winning creators are long-time celebrity Nadia Montenegro, student and lifestyle vlogger Raya Maurelle, fitness enthusiast Aileene, maritime chief engineer Chief MAKOi and rising singer- songwriter Caleb Santos.

“NextUp continues to grow not just in the number of applicants but also in the level of diversity.

“Every year, we see more and more creators joining the contest from outside Manila representing various languages, topics and passion points. This proves that anyone can make it on YouTube,” said YouTube APAC Creator and Artist Development Head Marc Lefkowitz said.

“We hope that this trend will continue to further signify that YouTube is truly a home for every creator,” he added.

As part of their NextUp journey, the winners participated in a week-long Creator Camp where they got a crash course on production techniques and receive in-depth training to further build their channels. NextUp alumni, YouTube stars and industry experts also mentor them as they create their dream video projects.

Winners were given a voucher worth P105,000 to level up their production gear, plus guidance and strategic account management support from the Creator and Artist Development team of YouTube.

Meanwhile, YouTube Southeast Asia Director of Content Partnerships Vishal Sarin said, “YouTube’s growth in the Philippines has been exciting and we are committed to sustaining this momentum through initiatives like NextUp.

“We strive to help current and aspiring Filipino creators to hone their talents and skills, and enable them to create meaningful content on YouTube. For the past three years, NextUp has discovered local talents and we hope to continue this contest to support more emerging creators in the country,” he ended.

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