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A dream cruise around Southeast Asia

October 18, 2019

While most prefer to travel the quickest way by air, taking a journey via cruise ship, however, brings the experience to a whole new level. It allows the feel of a luxurious stay with numerous things to enjoy while on board but still have enough time for day trips at every stop.

A cruise line launched by Genting Hong Kong in 2016, Genting Dream Cruises, provides the perfect amount of comforting treats as well as adrenaline rush in a vacation, matched with itineraries in Southeast Asia.

Genting Dream Cruises makes sure that their guests have the best experience on board.

From the designer outlets, to the nightly shows and themed parties, to a complete spa, to the ship’s own water park — there is never a shortage of activities for everyone to enjoy. Great dining and accommodation complete the cruise experience.

Entertainment on board

Genting Dream surveys those who will be part of the cruise, and curates shows and programs fit to their age group, nationality, as well as their expectations for the trip.

The nightly shows have received great feedback from guests, a number of which say that these are better than those on international cruises — with its award-winning acrobats, ballroom dancers, stunts, magicians, a live band and a functioning stage. Another feature is the fireworks show as farewell for every three-night cruise.

Award-winning shows abound onboard.
Adrenaline pumping activities? — check!
The Gurun Pasir Busung sand dunes and Telaga Biru blue lake in Bintan Island, Indonesia

“[Filipinos], they’re fun people, they like to dance. They are always joining these dancing activities, plus the game shows and the themed parties. Really easygoing people. The productions, from the beginning until the end you can hear them screaming,” shared Matthew Joseph, Genting Dream Cruise Director in an interview, about their Filipino guests.

Meanwhile, having a full waterpark, pool, sports and exciting recreational activities such as a rope course and zipline going around the outside of the ship, families and groups of friends are invited to try something new and outside of their comfort zone.

“We want to make your dream into reality where the dreams set sail. It’s more about the experience. It could be anything,” continued Joseph.

“The entertainment plays a very important role because the guests come on board, and everyone has a different kind of expectation. There are people who are only looking for relaxation, there are people who are just looking for food, [but the experience is] their main priority.”

Highlighting Southeast Asia

As soon as travelers get off at the Singapore Changi Airport, the cruise line has a partnership with Singapore Airlines to let them experience the airport and newly opened Jewel, which is the nature-themed entertainment and shopping area at the airport. It also allows for a stress-free stop on the trip, as the transportation to the loading dock and other transfers are easily available.

Appealing attractions

With choices between two-, three-, and five-night cruises, Genting Dream showcases the best of Southeast Asia, whether through the better known Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia or the up and coming tourist spot Bintan Island in Indonesia. Also, having these options will appeal more to the locals including those working and are free on weekends.

Bintan Island is a short boat ride away from Singapore, and is an area with less than a 500,000 population. Apart from the upscale resorts, the island boasts the Gurun Pasir Busung sand dunes and Telaga Biru or blue lake which is originally a mining site but now resembles an Arabian desert. It is a favorite among photographers for the light sand hills and a view of a sky blue oasis. The hills are also easy to climb and is an adventure in itself.

The local fishing villages are a common sight on Bintan, which are the locals’ way of life, where some of them live on the houses built above water. Another nature spot would be a stroll through the Trily Resort Center Mangrove Forest, which is located next to the ocean.

Apart from the entertainment and nearby tourist spots, the company also boasts a team largely composed of around 20 Asian nationalities to provide the best kind of hospitality.

“We always say that we are Asian hospitality with international heart. So our delivery, we are still aiming to international level but with an Asian hospitality touch — the magic touch,” shared Joseph.

“The touch of Asian hospitality, that’s something which always makes us to stand out different from all of the international market. The guests will be more comfortable talking to their own nationality and that’s very important.”

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