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Bonding moments with baby made fun and clean

October 22, 2019

Bonding with babies is nothing but pure joy. In the age where a child’s formative years need more bonding moments, what a mom really needs are tried and tested products that are reliable and consistent — the ones that should be in her everyday armory.

From milk, proper car seat, high chair or hygienic products, mom needs to know that the brands she chooses to purchase consider the baby’s safety as the highest priority. Babyflo is one of Philusa Corporation’s established brands that has championed babies and moms all over the country. One of these products is Babyflo Baby Wipes, specially made to remove any dirt and grime from baby’s skin.

Growing kids are prone to mess, dirt and grime

“It is important for us to give security to moms through our products, so they can really focus on giving their purest love”, said Maya Leander, Marketing Head, Philusa Corporation.

Mom also now has the option to get the Babyflo Baby Wipes in packs of 10’s, 30’s, or 80’s, so that even on the go, she can continue keeping her baby clean and dirt-free in just a few quick swipes. It’s really mom’s perfect partner so she can focus on the important moments with her baby, so she can focus on fun.

As the skin is the first line of defense against any germs, it is vital that it is properly taken care of, from being correctly cleaned, hydrated and moisturized to help with its resilience. Mom should make sure that the texture is cottony-soft, enriched with moisturizer characteristics, and don’t cause allergies or irritations to ensure gentleness. Parabens are harmful preservatives which may be present in many personal care products such as moisturizers and wet wipes. Using wipes that are paraben-free would be gentler and safer on the skin of the baby.

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