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‘Culion’ — a story the world needs to know’

October 12, 2019

An aspirant to the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, “Culion” opens with a love scene between Joem Bascon and Iza Calzado, and there’s a lot more until its conclusion.

“It seems that all that Iza and I did in the movie were love scenes,” award-winning actor Joem Bascon jokingly said about the movie.

“But the love scenes were all very artistic. Direk Alvin Yapan made sure of that in collaboration with Neil Daza [director of photography]. Basically they played with the lights since during that time, there were no lights yet. The people used lamps. So the love scenes came out sensual because of the lighting,” the actor revealed.

Joem and Iza play partners Kanor and Ana — both afflicted with Hansen’s Disease — with the man’s objective is to get the woman’s love and their love for each other developed. Iza has a line that says, “Sipingan mo ako.”

According to Joem, they had a problem with their child and Ana said that line because she wants to have another baby.

“It gets complicated when you have a baby and both of you are afflicted with the disease. Your relationship becomes more complicated. And if even you have a baby, you won’t be able to hold him or her because right after birth, they will get the baby from you so the child won’t get sick.”

Joem said he’d be very happy if “Culion” gets selected as one the entries to the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival.

“It will pave the way for us to open a story about our country that not many people are aware of. We didn’t have any idea about Culion before we got to the place to do the film. This is a story that needs to be told so that we can be aware about something important in our history. We never knew that in Culion we were able help people from other countries who were afflicted of the disease,” Joem shared.

Joem Bascon (left) considers ‘Culion’ as his best movie. PHOTO FROM CULION/SHANDI BACOLOD

He also considers “Culion” as one of the best, if not the best film he has done so far in his career.

“I would say it is also one of my most memorable films since I am reunited with direk Alvin. He has not done a film for a while and I am glad to be part of his comeback film. Plus it is written by Sir Ricky Lee. A script by Ricky Lee chooses only the best actors needed for the roles and I am honored to be part of the film. I am proud to be part of Culion,” he said.

The actor also mentioned Neil Daza’s picturesque cinematography.

“It may look simple with how he does his lighting but when you see the shot, you will be amazed,” the actor concluded.

* * *

TV host Amy Perez is very thankful she became a part of the ABS-CBN noontime show “It’s Showtime.” A veteran of many noontime shows, there was a time she lost her job when a show that she was a part of was scrapped.

Even if she’s been with “It’s Showtime” for only four years, she is very grateful that she is a part of the show’s 10th anniversary presentation.

Amy Perez realizes her role in ‘It’s Showtime’ is to guide the hosts when it comes to friendship and camaraderie. INSTAGRAM PHOTO

She realized that she was put there to be the guide of the hosts when it comes to friendship and camaraderie.

“We are one big family and going to the program everyday is like a routine. Doing the show is a stress-reliever for me,” said Amy.

The veteran TV host is proud to say that she’s a part of the “Magpasikat” competition of the show this October. She is doing her number with Anne Curtis and the Bidaman Top 6.

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